New MBA program in Media Management


Recording Live talk show at television studio

Starting this fall, Wagner College will offer an MBA degree in Media Management, combining the benefits of its geographic proximity to New York City, one of the world’s media capitals, with the strength of its highly respected graduate business program.

Wagner College is already celebrated for its undergraduate programs in theater and arts administration. The MBA in Media Management takes those programs to the next level to produce leaders and innovators in the media industry, a multi-billion-dollar global business that includes film, television, music, video games, publishing, Web, mobile and more.

“There’s a need in the industry for people who have a rich understanding of the business side of media and what makes it different: managing creative talent, creating and exploiting intellectual property, the international side of the industry, an understanding of the technology,” explained Stephen R. Greenwald, Wagner College’s director of Film and Media Initiatives, himself a former film company CEO and co-author of “This Business of Film” (Random House, 2009). “From my years in the business, I saw people coming in from other industries who didn’t have that understanding, and it crippled them.”

Wagner College’s MBA in Media Management program will provide graduates with a keen understanding of the dynamic linkage between the creative arts and the business of financing, producing and distributing creative work. Courses include media economics, media accounting, media law, international media marketing and distribution, overviews of the business of film and TV, publishing and music, and planning, producing and marketing a media venture.

The 45-credit program consists of classes limited to between 12 and 16 bright, highly motivated students meeting during the evening and on weekends to accommodate the busy schedules of working professionals.

For more information about Wagner College’s MBA in Media Management program, visit its website.