In addition to core requirements (six units), cognate units (three units) and the senior learning community (two units), students select a concentration with seven units in one of the following:


Accounting 201, 211, 401, 411; Business Administration 202; and two business electives, or any EC 300+ level course.
See additional accounting concentration details


Required Courses: BU 211 International Business
FI 311 Managerial Finance
Elective Finance Courses: Choose any 3 "FI" courses numbered 300 and above
Elective Business/Economics: Choose 2 units of Business Electives or EC 301, EC 304, EC 305

For additional finance concentration details.


BU 211 International Business
Choose any 4 "MG" courses from numbered 300 and above
Two units of business electives.

For additional management concentration details.


Required courses:  BU 211 International Business
MK 301 Consumer Behavior
MK 311 Advertising
Elective Marketing course:  Choose any 2 "MK" courses numbered 300 and above
MK 401, MK 411
Elective Business course:  Choose any 2 courses of business electives

For additional marketing concentration details.

Please be noted that the Texas Instrument BA II Plus and a PC with Microsoft Office are required for all.