In addition to core requirements (seven units: BU 201; AC 101, AC 102; FI 201; MK 201; MG 201; MG 201L, CS 260 (TC)), cognate units (three units: EC 101, EC 102; MA 108) and the senior learning community (two units: BU 400; BU 401), students select a concentration with seven units in one of the following.

Students majoring in Business Administration must take MA 119 or a higher level course to satisfy the College’s General Education Mathematics requirement.


Undergrad Course List: When Are They Offered?

  • Accounting 
  • FInance 
  • Management 
  • Marketing 

Required courses (7 units minimum):

  • Accounting 201, 211, 401, 411
  • Business Administration 202
  • Two business electives or any EC 300+ level course
We also offer a five-year B.S./M.S. program in accounting. At the undergraduate level, students major in business administration with a concentration in accounting. In their fifth year, students complete the following requirements for their graduate degree: AC 608, 609, 610, 611, 613, 614, 615; BU 614; one finance elective; and completion of AC 797.  Students completing this five-year program are eligible to take the exam leading to the Certified Public Accountant certificate. 

Required courses (7 units minimum):

  • BU 211 International Business
  • FI 311 Managerial Finance
Elective Finance Courses: 
  • Choose any three “FI” courses numbered 300 and above
Elective Business/Economics: 
  • Choose two units from Business Electives
  • or EC301 or 304 or 305 or 332

Required courses (7 units minimum):

  • BU 211 International Business
  • choose any 4 “MG” courses numbered 300 and above
  • Two units of business electives

Required courses (7 units minimum):

  • BU 211 International Business
  • MK 301 Consumer Behavior
  • MK 311 Advertising
  • Elective Marketing course:  Choose any 2 “MK” courses numbered 300 and above
  • Elective Business course:  Choose any 2 courses from any business administration concentrations


Since all software utilized in our Business program is PC friendly and not fully compatible with Apple computers; students at the Nicholas’s School of Business are required to have a PC equipped with Microsoft Office.

Microsoft Office can be purchased at a discount price at

Students are also required to have Texas Instrument BA II Plus Professional calculator which is utilized throughout the Business program.
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