Finance & Business Office Home

The Finance and Business Office is located in Cunard Hall and handles all the financial and accounting needs of the College. The office operates under the direction of the Vice President for Finance & Administration.

The Bursar/Student Accounts area which includes the cashier window, is located on the first floor. This area handles student billing, payments and collections, as well as Perkins and Nursing Loan administration, which are all under the Bursar’s direction. For all students in good financial standing, registration takes place beginning in March for the fall semester, and in October for the Spring semester. For specific dates of registration, and other requirements, please visit the Registrar’s Website. The Finance area is located on the second floor and is responsible for Payroll Processing, Purchasing/Accounts Payable, Accounting and Budgeting.

The Finance and Business Office is open from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday. The hours for the cashier window on the first floor are 9:00 am – 12:30 pm & 1:30 – 4:00 pm, to handle cash transactions, bill payments and student queries.

Student Accounts

For information on making your admissions deposit, please contact Admissions at 718-390-3411.
Please visit our Student Account Center (accessed through the billing tab in myWagner) in order to set up a monthly payment plan or to make a one-time payment to your student account. 

Billing details: 

Other than the initial invoice for incoming students, paper invoices are no longer mailed at the beginning of each semester. Students now have live online access to their student account via our Student Account Center (accessed through the billing tab in myWagner). We will notify students via email when charges for a new semester have been posted to student accounts. We also produce e-bills that can be accessed in the “statements” tab in Student Account Center, and these statements are mostly useful for printing the activity from a particular semester. Be sure to check your e-mail regularly for this and other important communication from the college.

Students can easily grant access to a parent (or other tuition payer) by clicking on “My Profile” and then “Mange Payers” in Student Account Center on the right side. Parents/Authorized users (once they are granted access by the student) can access Student Account Center here.

To make a payment (without access to Student Account Center), please click here and use your student ID# to make a payment. Contact Student Accounts at or 718-390-3112 to obtain your account balance.

Billing schedule and due dates:
  • Fall Semester:
    • Freshmen: The first invoice will be sent via mail in early June (please note that this is the only paper invoice that will be mailed, and all subsequent billing will be done via Student Account Center). Payment is due July 15
    • Continuing, second degree, and graduate students: Charges posted to student accounts by early July. Payment is due in early August
  • Spring Semester:
    Charges posted to student accounts in late November. Payment is due in early January
  • Summer Classes:
    Charges posted to student accounts in May. Payment is due by the first day of your summer session
 Accepted payment methods for one-time payments*:
  • Cash submitted at cashier window. Do not mail cash.
  • Money order, bank check or cashiers check mailed or submitted in person.
  • Personal check mailed or submitted in person (Wagner reserves the right to refuse personal checks from any student whose check has previously been returned or for late payments).
  • Online payment (using a credit card or US bank account) – via Student Account Center (billing tab in myWagner), or at (second option – “Make A Payment”). Please note that online credit card payments include a convenience fee, and credit cards cannot be processed over the phone or at the cashier window.
  • For international students, if you need to make a wire transfer payment from a non-US bank account, please use one of the following options:
* as an alternative, you may enroll in our monthly payment plan via Student Account Center (billing tab in myWagner)

Late payments
Overdue balances are subject to monthly late fees at the rate of 1.5%. In addition, students with overdue balances may be prohibited from moving in to their dorm room, attending class, registering for the following semester, and receiving transcripts and other official documents.