Refund Policy

The official date of withdrawal for purposes of computing any refund will be determined by the Center for Academic & Career Engagement or the Division of Graduate Studies.

Summer/Winter Refund Schedule:
Prior to the 2nd day of class - 100% refund (less deposit)
On the 2nd and 3rd day of class - 80%
On the 4th and 5th day of class - 60%
On the 6th day of class - 40%
On the 7th day of class - 20%
After the 7th day of class - 0%

Fall & Spring Semester Refund Schedule: Students who withdraw prior to the first day of the semester will be given a full refund. After the beginning of the semester, the percentage (%) of charges refunded for tuition, room & board  are calculated as follows:
80% if withdrawal is within the first week of classes,
60% if withdrawal is within the 2nd week of classes,
40% if withdrawal is within the 3rd week of classes,
20% if withdrawal is within the 4th week of classes,
0% after the 4th week of classes

This refund schedule also applies to housing/meal charges in the case of students who withdraw from housing but remain enrolled as non-residents.

Refunds of financial aid will be calculated according to the Federal Title IV Refund policy. A percentage of a student's financial aid is earned for each day the student was enrolled as determined by the Offices of Academic Advisement or Graduate Studies. Unearned aid must be returned in the following order*.

  • Unsubsidized Federal Direct Loans
  • Subsidized Federal Direct Loans
  • Federal Direct Plus Loans
  • Federal Pell Grants
  • Iraq and Afghanistan Service Grants
  • Other Title IV Programs
  • Other state, private or institutional sources of aid

*As of July 1, 2021. This order may be changed according to US Department of Education regulations.

Using Title IV Aid for Books & Supplies: In accordance with US Department of Education policy, Pell eligible students who have a pending credit balance due to Title IV funds are eligible to receive a bookstore voucher for the amount of the credit in order to purchase books & supplies. If you meet this criteria, you can request the voucher at the cashier window (Cunard Hall, 1st floor). You may opt out of this by not requesting the voucher.
Tuition Refund Insurance: The college offers a Tuition Refund Insurance Plan through A.W.G. Dewar, Inc. The plan insures the loss of tuition, room & board and fees due to withdrawal for illness and accident reasons, and mental/emotional problems. Information describing the plan is sent to families during the month of June. More information may be obtained at or by calling Jo Ann Esposito, plan administrator at 718-390-3113.