For Professors: WIT Classroom Presentations

The Writing Center is pleased to offer the services of Writing Intensive Tutors (WITs) in the classroom. Topics include:

  • Proofreading Skills
  • Peer-editing Skills
  • Note-taking Skills
  • Small Group Work
  • Time Management Skills
  • Research Paper Strategies
  • Thesis Development
  • Outlining and Reverse Outlining
  • Paragraph Unity and Coherence
  • Transitions and Parallelism
  • Identifying and Fixing Common Errors
  • MLA Citation
  • APA Citation
  • CMS Citation

With sufficient lead time, the Writing Center staff will develop presentations that address your specific needs.

Please fill out the electronic form below, or email Marc Napolitano, the Writing Center director, to request a WIT visit your classroom.

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