Writing Intensive Tutors (WITs)

Leslie B.

Leslie is a sophomore Theatre Performance major from Somerset, NJ.Her specialties are planning, grammar, rephrasing, and connection to thesis. Languages: English and Spanish

Soledad D.

Soledad is a junior Dance Education major with a minor in Film & Media Studies from Boston, MA.Her specialties include proofreading, grammar & spelling, incorporating evidence, & analysis, with practicum experience in social justice. Languages: Spanish & French

Olivia H.

Olivia is a junior Arts Administration major and minoring in writing from Old Bridge, NJ.Her specialties are brainstorming, organization, and working with students with disabilities. Languages: English

Zoe K.

Zoe is a senior Film and Media Studies major with a Writing minor from Ukiah, CA.Her specialties include organization, citations, and working with multilingual writers. Languages: English, Conversational Spanish

Ally M.

Ally is a senior Psychology & Sports Administration double major from Pittsburgh, PA.Her specialties include working with multilingual writers.

Jess M.

Jess is a junior Biopsychology major with a Chemistry minor from Staten Island, NY.

Bianca R.

Bianca is a graduate student pursuing a masters in Mathematics Adolescent Education from Brooklyn, NY.Her specialties are idea development, cohesion, and finding resources. Languages: English and Spanish

Maria R.

Maria is a sophomore Biopsychology major on a pre-med track with a Cultural Competency minor from Brooklyn, NY.Her specialties are organizing, proofreading/editing grammar, and incorporating evidence.

Alexa S.

Alexa is a junior dual major in Theatre Performance and Design, Technology, and Management from Edison, NJ.Her specialties are brainstorming, digital projects, and writing cohesion. Languages: English & intermediate Spanish

Alyssa S.

Alyssa is a sophomore double major in Early Childhood Education and Theatre from Staten Island, NY.Her specialties are brainstorming, outlining, and finding and incorporating research.

Deidre T.

Deidre is a senior Theatre Performance major with a Writing minor from New Hope, PA.Her specialties include outlining, research, organization, creative writing, and journalism. Languages: English

Mikayla T.

Mikayla is a senior Theatre Performance major with a Dance minor from Orange County, CA.Her specialties are outlining, brainstorming, organization, flow, and thesis statements. Languages: English, Conversational Spanish