Writing Intensive Tutors (WITs)

Sara C.

Writing Intensive Tutor

Sara is a senior English major with minors in Spanish & Psychology from Staten Island, NY, and a member of cross country and track & field team.Her specialities are brainstorming, outlining, and creating thesis statements and concluding paragraphs.

Hailey D.

Writing Intensive Tutor

Hailey is a junior Theatre Design, Technology, and Management major with an Italian minor from Brooklyn, NY.Her specialties are outlining, expanding ideas, and incorporating evidence.

Skylar F.

Writing Intensive Tutor

Skylar is a junior English major and Sociology minor with a concentration in Pre Law from Staten Island, NY.Her specialties are outlining, brainstorming, and idea development.

Divya K.

Divya is a junior Theatre Performance major from Edison, New Jersey.She has a lot of experience with creative writing and really enjoys it, but she is also good at looking at transitions and overall cohesion of any piece of writing.

Gage M.

Gage is a sophomore History major from Santa Cruz, CA.His specialities are outlining, organizing ideas, and incorporating evidence.

Danny N.

Danny is a sophomore Arts Administration major from Piscataway, NJ.His specialty is grammar, sentence structure, and organization.

Lindy P.

Lindy is a Theatre Performance major with a double minor in English and Film & Media Studies. She is a junior from Richmond, Virginia.Her specialties are fiction, Shakespeare, and video & audio projects.

Nicole Q.

Nicole is a sophomore Arts Administration major from Waldwick, NJ.Her specialties are organization and strengthening ideas.

Bianca R.

Bianca is currently a sophomore dual majoring in education and math with a Spanish minor from Brooklyn, NY.Her specialties are idea development and clarification, organization, and cohesion.

Lucy S.

Lucy is a sophomore Psychology and Spanish double major from Walnut Creek, CA.Her specialties are outlining and organization.

Winona S.

Writing Intensive Tutor

Winona is a senior English & Government Double Major from Vernon, CT. She is involved in various organizations, such as SGA and BSU.Her specialties are helping students brainstorm and organize their thoughts to create a successful foundation for their papers. Unpopular opinion: Peanut butter and pickles make a fabulous combo.

Liz S.

Writing Intensive Tutor

Liz is a junior Arts Administration major from Jackson, NJ.Her specialties are brainstorming, outlining, and organizing overall flow of papers.

Maggie W.

Writing Intensive Tutor

Maggie is a junior History major and French and Religious Studies double minor from Omaha, NE.Her specialties are brainstorming, organization, and idea development.

Kaelin W.

Writing Intensive Tutor

Kaelin is a junior Biopsychology major and Chemistry minor from Mechanicsburg, PA.His specialty is literature analysis.

Alyssa W.

Writing Intensive Tutor

Alyssa is a senior Theatre and Education Dual major from Secaucus, NJ.Her specialty is editing and citations.

Claire Z.

Claire is a sophomore Arts Administration major from Tuxedo Park, NY.Her specialties include organization, cohesion and grammar/editing.