Did You Know . . .

Wagner students have interned at numerous prominent companies and organizations in various fields, including ABC, Bank of New York Mellon, Bulgari, CBS, Conde Nast, Deloitte and Touche LLP, Deutsche Bank AG, FINRA, Fox News Network, Goldman Sachs, ING, The Johns Hopkins Hospital, KPMG, The Legal Aid Society, The McGraw-Hill Companies, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Metropolitan Opera, Michael Kors, Morgan Stanley, PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP, Radio City Music Hall, Roundabout Theatre Company, Simon & Schuster, Sony Pictures, Sotheby’s, The Walt Disney Company, The Weinstein Company, UBS, Universal Media Group, Warner Bros. Television, William J. Clinton Foundation, and ZenithOptimedia.



Why Intern?

One of the most important things that an undergraduate can do while in college is intern. For good reason, employers consistently rate internship experience as the #1 desired criterion for new employees. This is because completing internships allows students to:

  • Explore their career options and professional interests
  • Put classroom knowledge into “real world” practice
  • Acquire professional experience and build their résumés
  • Network with experienced professionals and potential mentors
  • Develop marketable skills and self-confidence

A Wagner education, through The Wagner Plan, places a special emphasis on students’ acquisition of practical experience. In CACE, We encourage students to complete multiple internships  prior to graduation, and we strive to provide students with the best resources through which to find internships and make the most of their interning experiences.

Searching for Internships

There are many resources that you can use when finding an internship, but Wagner Works is a good place to start your search. Employers from companies and organizations, both local to Staten Island and New York City and from around the country, post internship and job openings with the express intention of recruiting Wagner students. Log into your account and begin searching for internship opportunities.

Although Wagner Works is updated with new listings on a regular basis, you should also search other websites for postings, such as Indeed, which posts opportunities of interest to all majors. Click here for web resources that are suitable for your specific major.

Applying for Internships

After you have identified several suitable internship opportunities, it’s time to apply. Here’s how:

  • Create or update your resume and get it approved by CACE
  • Write an employer-specific cover letter that explains why you want the internship and how you are specifically suited for it
  • Utilize the proper channels to submit your resume. Many companies have their own online application processes, while others simply request that you email your resume and cover letter.
  • Network with people in the field, or even better, at the company/organization to which you are applying. Linkedin is a great tool when it comes to expanding your professional network. Remember, you have a better chance of getting an internship when you’ve already connected with someone – he or she can help you get your resume into the right hands.
  • Don’t be afraid to follow up with an employer within a few weeks after submitting your application. But don’t be a nuisance – if you don’t hear back from an employer after a while, move on to the next internship opportunity.

In order to register for an internship for credit, Wagner students are required to complete one of the following forms.

  • Internship for Credit: UUDG Credit Internship Forms
  • Internship for Credit for Business MajorsBU 397 Forms
  • Internship, though Not for Credit: Non-Credit forms
  • Is your internship placement asking you for a “letter of credit?” We can help with that.  Just contact us and let us know what information needs to be included and to whom it needs to be addressed.

Need Help?

Not certain where to start?  Do you need your résumé and cover letter reviewed or revised? Having trouble finding a placement? Don’t be afraid to ask for some help or advice from our staff. Make an appointment with us, sending an email to, or calling us at (718) 390-3181 — or you can just stop in.