Internship Forms


In order to register for an internship for credit, Wagner undergraduate students are required to complete the Internship Form – For Credit (All Majors)

We encourage students to have multiple internships throughout their undergraduate experience and while they will not be “for credit” they most certainly will be for experience. Students securing an internship for non-credit need to complete the following form. Internship Form – Non-Credit

Why Intern?

One of the most important things that an undergraduate can do while in college is intern. For good reason, employers consistently rate internship experience as the #1 desired criterion for new employees. This is because completing internships allows students to:

  • Explore their career options and professional interests
  • Put classroom knowledge into “real world” practice
  • Acquire professional experience and build their résumés
  • Network with experienced professionals and potential mentors
  • Develop marketable skills and self-confidence

A Wagner education, through The Wagner Plan, places a special emphasis on students’ acquisition of practical experience. In CACE, we encourage students to complete multiple internships  prior to graduation, and we strive to provide students with the best resources through which to find internships and make the most of their interning experiences.

Need Help?

Not certain where to start?  Don’t be afraid to ask for some help or advice from our staff. Make an appointment with us via our online appointment system, or stop by our office.