Your Professional Branding Tools: Résumé/CV, Cover Letter, LinkedIn Profile

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The Targeted Student Resume, Cover Letter & LinkedIn Profile


For anyone seeking a position in the work force – whether he or she is an undergraduate looking for an internship or a recent graduate searching for his or her first full-time job – a well-written, organized, and accurate résumé is an essential element of that search. Your résumé is your primary means of marketing yourself. It delineates your qualifications for a given position, which would most likely include your education, professional experience, and the skills you have acquired. The résumé does not have to include every single thing that you have done, or even every position you have ever held, but it should highlight those aspects of your background that are most relevant to the position or industry for which you are applying. For this reason, you may want to tailor your résumé as closely as possible to the position you are seeking. Remember: your résumé’s objective should be to carry you past the initial screening process for that position and get you an invitation to an interview.

Students are encouraged to meet with Career Engagement for support with building a strong and targeted resume. Appointments can be scheduled via the CACE online appointment system.

Prior to your meeting with our in-house Career Coach, follow these steps:

1)Review and draft your resume according to the Targeted Student Resume & Cover Letter Reference Guide relevant to your major. These links are only accessible to those with a Wagner email address:

Business, Liberal Arts majors | Undecided  |  Biological Sciences

Nursing  |   Physician Assistants


LinkedIn is one of the most powerful professional development platforms.

To begin, start by creating a LinkedIn Profile. Your LinkedIn Profile will mirror your resume. It is important to have a strong, keyword rich Headline and Summary section. These sections help to establish your professional brand identify. Best practice is to have a headline statement that is targeted yet broad (ex: Aspiring Marketing Intern in Sports & Entertainment Industries). Learn more:

LinkedIn Profile Checklist  |   Using LinkedIn To Find a Job Or Internship

Curriculum Vitae

A Curriculum Vitae, or CV, is essentially an academically focused résumé. It is preferred over the usual résumé format when applying for positions in certain career fields – namely, academic or research-oriented positions. It is typically longer and less concise than a résumé, and it focuses more on academic or educational experiences, such as publications, presentations, conferences, and teaching experience.

The CV should include much of the same information as a résumé as well as:

  • Information on your thesis/dissertation – This includes the title, names of your advisers, and a brief description of the subject matter.
  • Publications – This should include any journal articles, online articles, chapters in a manuscript, etc. on which you are a listed author. It should also include manuscripts that are under review or to be published soon. For the format, observe whatever is the standard form of citation in your field, such as MLA or APA.
  • Conferences or presentations – This should include the full name of your presentation, the conference or event, and the host, as well as the location of the event and its date. This should also include conferences at which the presentation has been accepted but have not yet taken place.
  • Teaching experience – This should include the names, levels, and dates of each class, your title or role, your efforts at curricular development, and the schools at which the courses were taught.
  • Research experience – This should include dates, your project’s title and/or description, your supervisor or advisor (if relevant), location (if relevant), responsibilities and achievements, and outcomes, such as further grant funding, publications, or conference presentations.

Need Help?

Not certain where to start? Still have questions? Don’t be afraid to ask for some help or advice from our staff. Make an appointment with us via our online appointment system.  You can also just stop in – we are located on the 3rd floor of the Union, right next to the Hawk’s Nest.