Student Professional Association (SPA)

Who are we?

The Student Professional Association (SPA) is an organization of students who have an understanding of their own goals for life and their careers and are committed to success in their own way. SPA members are involved on campus and actively seek opportunities outside the classroom. We have a passion for growing individually and a desire to help others find their passion and create meaningful career and life goals.

We represent the young professionals at Wagner who are ahead of the curve. Our focus is one-on-one mentoring; we are willing and able to pass on our knowledge and understanding of various professional fields, as well as connect students with professionals currently working in those fields for further direction.

Our goals and values

  • Uphold the most professional decorum at all times, whether in workshops, networking events, or in one-on-one mentoring relationships.
  • Create a sustainable organization that works to keeps people informed in order to develop personally and professionally.
  • Provide a service unlike any other peer-to-peer experience at Wagner that develops students professionally in preparation for life after college.

Why Wagner College needs SPA

Wagner needs SPA as a way for students to step outside the classroom while upholding the academic values of the Wagner Plan, which encourages students to enhance their classroom studies with real-world experiences in preparation for their professional lives after graduation.

Campus outreach

Our SPA mentors are involved in many clubs, teams, and organizations on campus. We are always seeking out new members and look forward to adding value to their development as career professionals.