Office of Campus Life

Ruta Shah-Gordon

Chief of Staff and VP Internationalization, Intercultural Affair, Campus Life

718-420-4254 Union 4th Floor

Oversees all campus life offices.

Ann Giarratano

Admin Asst to VP Internationalization, Intercultural Affairs, Campus Life

718-420-4126 Union 4th Floor

Ange Concepcion

Assistant Dean of Campus Life, Campus Life

718-390-3801 Union, 3rd Floor

Ange provides oversight and ongoing evaluation to CICA, ResEd, and SEA.She also serves as a conduct officer and performs program assessment.

Gloria Malchiodi

Suite Coordinator, Campus Life and Center for Academic & Career Engagement

718-390-3181 Union, 3rd Floor

Leticia Romero

Office Manager, Campus Life

718-390-3423 Union 3rd floor
Office Email Phone Location
Center for Academic and Career Engagement 718-390-3181 Union 3rd Floor
Center for Health and Wellness 718-390-3158 Campus Hall 127
Center for Intercultural Advancement 718-420-4532  Union 204
Center for Religion and Spirituality 718-390-3281 Kairos House
Dean of Campus Life 718-390-3423  Union 221
Lifelong Learning 718-390-3221 Department for Lifelong Learning
Public Safety 718-390-3148 Main Booth
Residential Education 718-390-3420  Towers Residence Hall, B3
Student Engagement and Activities 718-420-4257  Union 215