Community Leaders

Community Leaders serve as mentors and role-models to Wagner College students. Community Leaders are central the transition of new students to Wagner College, provide campus wide programming in accordance to the needs and interests of students, and serve as resources for students.

Community Leaders participate in fall orientation, leading a learning community of new students and helping support their transition into Wagner College.  For students interested in a larger more detailed leadership role, 20 Community Leaders are offered a 10-month contract and will work with an office to help facilitate programming and peer education around one of the following areas:

Sponsoring Offices:  Residential Education and Co-Curricular Programs

Programmatic Themes:  Commuter Students, Living on Campus, School Spirit, Service Learning, Exploring NYC, Campus Involvement, etc

Sponsoring Office:  Health and Wellness

Programmatic Themes:  Sexual Assault Awareness, Healthy Living, Fitness and Recreation, Alcohol and Drug Awareness, Stress Management, Sexual Health, etc.

Sponsoring Offices:  Center for Intercultural Advancement and the Center for Religion and Spirituality

Programmatic Themes: Race and Identity Development, Social Justice Training, Intergroup Dialogues, Faith and Spirituality, Sexual Orientation, Gender Expression, International Student Engagement, etc.


Community Leaders will participate in the following training and professional development opportunities:

  • Leadership Training (Mandatory in Spring semester)
  • Training preparing Community Leaders for New Student Orientation (All Community Leaders in August)
  • Community Leaders will engage in 1(one) hour per week of training (Fall and Spring semesters)
  • Those in residence will also attend staff meetings for the building to which they are assigned (20 Community Leaders on a 10-month contract)
  • $1000 stipend for the academic year
  • Meals and housing for a week of Community Leader Training in August
  • For those who are in residence, you will receive a single room in the residence hall at the rate of a double room.
  • (10 month Contract)
  • $100 stipend for support during new student orientation and the first two weeks of classes in Fall
  • Meals and housing for a week of Community Leader Training in August
  • Applications are opened in November
  • Group Process & Interview Day between January/February
  • Community Leaders Announced mid-February