Alcohol and Other Drugs

Wagner College is committed to working with parents in a partnership in order to contribute to each student's education. The Dean of Campus Life Office encourages parents to discuss issues of alcohol and other drugs and promote healthy and responsible choices. For resources and information regarding the prevention of underage drinking, please read the Guide for Parents of College Students to Prevent Underage Drinking.

The CHOICES Workshop was developed and designed as a research-based prevention and intervention tool for a small group setting. Based on over twenty years of research funded by the National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA), CHOICES is a harm reduction program for college students addressing the impact of personal choices around the use of alcohol.  The facilitators for this workshop use techniques such as motivational interviewing and interactive journaling to encourage participants to reflect on their behaviors, take responsibility, and ultimately make change. The Dean of Campus Life Office at Wagner College organizes the CHOICES workshop three-four times each semester. CHOICES is facilitated by trained members of the Campus Life staff. This workshop is open to any interested student, but is also mandated for some students who abuse alcohol during their tenure at the College.

CHOICES Workshops

Fall 2018:
Sat., Sept. 15th
Sat., Oct. 20th
Mon., Nov. 19th
Wed., Dec. 5th (reading day)
Spring 2019:
Sat., Jan. 19th
Sat., Feb. 23rd
Mon., Mar 25th
Wed. Apr 24th (reading day)

CHOICES Contacts
Graduate Assistant: Stephanie Montemarano,
Office Manager: Letty Romero,