Wagner College Conquers El Salvador Días 1-4

Wagner College Conquers El Salvador Días 1-4


Día uno

We left Wagner at 4am, had a long plane ride and finally arrived in San Salvador around 10am.  It was a major culture shock driving down the streets but it was an even bigger shock for them to see us, being foreigners and all.  Our first stop was at a Pupuseria, a small outdoor restaurant that sells the most native food, called Pupusas, which is a circular dough like food that has either cheese or beans inside.  They were a delicious and we were excited to try our first meal from El Salvador of many.  After we ate, we traveled to our accommodations, located in a wealthier part of San Salvador, which even for a wealthier area, it was significantly different from the hotels that we are used to staying at.  After we dropped off our belongings, we went to a beach located about an hour away from our hotel.  The beach was beautiful, however the roads to get there were even worse than the ones that we first saw… The houses that people were living in were less than ideal.. AKA only a tin roof supported barely by skinny wooden sticks.

Día dos

We began day 2 with a traditional El Salvadorian breakfast of eggs with rice and beans, along with plantains. It was very different than what we were used to, but it was very delicious. We then left out of the hotel to begin traveling to our new accommodations in San Vicente, where we would be staying for the remainder of the week. On the way to San Vicente, we stopped at the biggest cathedral in El Salvador to see the tomb of a famous martyr who led the movement for peace during the Civil War El Salvador had back in the 1980s that lasted to 1992. We arrived at our accommodations later that afternoon which was followed by a luncheon with the families we would be working with, and later did a brief tour of San Vicente.

Día tres

Day 3 began our first day of construction on the house. When we arrived, we saw the living conditions the family was currently living in. The conditions were not very good, but the family was not bothered by it. Even with these conditions, the house had electricity. During the day we added to the walls that had been put up by previous teams. The family helped us throughout the day as well. When it came to the kids, we noticed that they really enjoyed our company, especially when we played with them during breaks.

Día cuatro

We continued to make progress on the wall, and began the roofing for the house. We are making good time, and may actually finish early. After we finished building for the day we went to a sugar plant and saw how they processed sugar canes. After we had eaten dinner, we got to taste samples of a sugar cane.