HEDS Campus Climate Survey

As part of Wagner College's commitment to assessing and addressing issues of sexual violence, we periodically ask members of the Wagner College community, via email, to participate in a brief, confidential, online survey. The survey considers issues such as unwanted sexual contact and sexual assault, students’ perceptions of how Wagner College addresses and responds to sexual assault, and whether and how often students have experienced unwanted sexual contact or sexual assault.

Information collected through the survey allows Wagner College to enhance policies, programs, support and services as well as to benchmark our efforts against national peers. Wagner College encourages broad participation to provide results that allow the institution to focus on programs and resources that will be most helpful to our community.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I respond to this survey?
We periodically ask all members of the Wagner College community to answer a climate survey on sexual assault and sexual misconduct. The results are used to guide policies to encourage a healthy, safe and non-discriminatory environment on campus. Our goal is to make Wagner College as safe as possible by continuing to develop programs and services that minimize sexual assault and misconduct, as well as respond to these events when do they do occur. This survey is an important tool for us to assess current programs and to shape future policies. 

What will I be asked to do?
You are encouraged to participate in an online survey. This survey includes questions about your knowledge and beliefs about social situations, perceptions related to sexual misconduct at Wagner College, and your knowledge of resources available here. This survey also asks about your personal experience with sexual misconduct, such as harassment, sexual assault and other forms of violence. If you need assistive technology to complete the survey, please contact Dina Assante in the Center for Academic and Career Engagement at 718.390.3181 or at dassante@wagner.edu.

Who is administering this survey?
The survey is sponsored by Wagner College in collaboration with the Higher Education Data Sharing Consortium (HEDS).  HEDS administers the HEDS Sexual Assault Campus Climate Survey to the Wagner community, along with over 50 other institutions across the United States, and assists in the analysis of the data. 

What will Wagner College do with the results?
The results are used to better understand the climate at Wagner College, the extent of sexual assault and misconduct among students, and the usefulness of programs and services currently being offered. This information is used to make recommendations for enhancing policies and procedures related to preventing and responding to sexual assault and misconduct at Wagner College.

Isn't this survey only for women?
No, this survey is for everyone, regardless of gender identity or experiences. The survey is used to shape policies that affect everyone on campus, so it is very important that you provide your experiences and viewpoint.

I've never experienced sexual violence or sexual assault, so why should I take the survey?
The survey is being conducted as a census in order to gain perspective from all students, not necessarily only those who have been impacted by sexual violence and may be more likely to participate in the survey. To get a complete picture of Wagner College, we need to hear from as many students as possible. 

How long will the survey take?
The survey should take approximately 15 to 20 minutes to complete.

Am I required to participate?
No, you are not required to participate. Also, you may choose to stop taking the survey at any time, or choose not to answer particular questions.

Are my answers confidential?
Your responses to this survey are completely anonymous. No personal data will be linked to your responses.

How can I learn more about support for issues of sexual violence?
Please visit Wagner College's Title IX website for a comprehensive list of resources, policies and practices specific to issues of sexual violence.

Where do I go on campus to report an issue of sexual violence?
You may report a concern to any of the College's Title IX Coordinators.  Staff and faculty should report concerns to Director of Human Resources Jazzmine Clarke-Glover at j.clarke-glover@wagner.edu, 718-390-3280, or in her office, House 4, above the Public Safety Office. Students should report concerns to Vice President Ruta Shah-Gordon at 718-420-4254, rshahgor@wagner.edu, or in her office on the Union 3rd floor. Members of the Wagner community may also find general reporting resources in the Office of Public Safety, the Dean of Campus Life Office, Human Resources, the Center for Health and Wellness, or the Office of Residential Education.