Residence Hall Fire Safety

Students living in the Wagner College Residence Halls should be familiar with the locations of all:

  1. Emergency Exits
  2. Fire Alarm Pull Boxes
  3. Hallway Fire Extinguishers

If you notice any fire extinguisher has been discharged or that the gauge is registering empty, please contact Campus Operations at 718-390-3163 or submit a work order.

Helpful Procedure Reminders

If you discover smoke or fire:

  1. Pull the nearest fire alarm call box.
  2. Go to the nearest stairwell and exit the building immediately.
  3. Call Public Safety at 718-390-3148

If you are in your room when the Fire Alarm System sounds:

  1. Feel the door and door handle, if it is hot, do not open the door. Call Public Safety at 718-390-3148 and advise them who and where you are.
  2. If the door is not hot, go to the nearest stairwell and exit the building.

As you leave the building:

  1. Be aware of multiple exits as you leave, should the exit that you choose be blocked. If you are lost call Public Safety at 718-390-3148 for assistance.
  2. If you are in a smoke filled area, keep low to the floor where the air is more breathable, as smoke rises.

Residents should head to one of the following meeting locations:

  1. Foundation Hall: Behind Pape Admissions House
  2. Guild Hall: In front of Cunard Hall
  3. Harborview Hall: Guild Hall Patio
  4. Parker Towers: In front of Cunard Hall

The Office of Residential Education conducts two fire drills each semester to ensure that all alarms are functioning and that students are aware of the evacuation procedures. Each student’s room is equipped with a smoke detector and deluge sprinkler head. Individual students are responsible for reporting a malfunctioning smoke detector to the Resident Director or Resident Assistant on duty immediately through the front desk of the residence hall or the residence hall office.