Space Heater Protocol

Step 1 space heaters-delonghi
If a resident student feels their room is too cold they should make sure nothing is blocking the radiator unit at the top, bottom or side. If the unit is clear of any obstruction the student should submit a work request.

  • Action 1
    Operations receives the request and does a Room Temperature Check. Rooms should be at a minimum of 68 degrees.
  • Action 2
    If the room temperature is below 68 degrees, Operations will begin researching cause. Any necessary repairs and adjustments will be made.

Step 2
If heat is unable to be restored and reach a minimum of 68 degrees a Space Heater will be issued. Residential Education will record student name, room number and date when the Space Heater has been issued. The student will sign for Space Heater unit and be responsible for it's safe return or will charged for a replacement at current market rate.

  • Guidelines
    Only Wagner College provided Space Heaters are allowed in the Residence Halls. Space Heaters should only be used when the student is in the room. Space Heaters should be unplugged whenever the residents are away for extended periods.

Step 3
Residential Education will notify students during the spring semester that they must return the units no later than April 15th. Residents will be instructed to return the units to the ResEd office. ResEd and Campus Operations will share the spreadsheet of issued Space Heaters and update each other of any changes.