Postal Center

Central Services Postal Center – Campus Hall

Lower Level – (Package and Mail Pick up); Upper level – (Package and Mail Shipping)

Hours of Operation: 9:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m (Monday – Friday)
Please check email for special closing announcements (Holidays, weather)

E-mail:; Phone: 718-390-3128

General Information:

  • Campus Mail Schedule: USPS Mail is sorted daily and delivered to campus offices with a pick up done daily by 11am. USPS mail must be received in the Postal Center by 1:00pm in order to processed for same day service.
    • Personal Mail – Faculty and  Staff are prohibited from using the college’s mail facilities and may not receive personal mail or packages. If a personal package is delivered to the Postal Center, the employee must make arrangements to retrieve the item as it will not be delivered to their office. 
  • Addressing Student Mail : All mail must be clearly addressed. Please be sure to include the campus box number as part of the mailing address to ensure prompt and accurate delivery (see below). Please do not refer to the campus mailbox as a “post office box.” Improperly addressed mail or mail received with no campus box number can delay or prevent mail delivery.

All student mail should be addressed to you as in the example below:

  • Student Mailboxes: Students can look up their campus mailbox number through MyWagner. Combinations are given to incoming students during orientation or can be retrieved in the Postal Center. Mail is delivered to student mailboxes daily.

Desiree Braithwaite

Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations and Presidential Initiatives

718-420-4519 Campus Hall, Lower Level

Louis Ferrara

Receiving Clerk


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