Postal Center – Employee Information


It is the mailer's responsibility to prepare and bundle all mail according to the procedures outlined.

Due to staffing limitations we are not able to provide special pickups. Any off schedule mailings must be bought to the Postal Center. (This does not include packages that are too heavy for individuals to bring to the Postal Center, for that service please put in a request with the receiving staff for a pick up)

 It is the responsibility of the mailer to prepare all mail for posting. The Postal Center does not provide sorting, bundling, or other labor intensive processing of mail.

  • Place letters in appropriate size envelopes and wrap all packages securely.
  • Make sure the address is legible and the sending department name appears on the envelope or package.
  • Bundle mail according to type and class, i.e., internal, domestic, or international mail and 1st, 2nd, 3rd class or bulk rate.

Departments are responsible for forwarding, returning of mail addressed to former department members.

Personal Mail

Faculty and staff are prohibited from using the College's facilities and address for the receipt of personal mail. Outgoing personal mail must have sender's return address as well as postage to be sent from the postal center.

Interoffice Mail

Interoffice envelopes should be used when sending interdepartmental mail. When addressing an interoffice envelope, be sure that all previous markings have been crossed out to ensure proper delivery. The address should always appear on the next available line. Please print clearly. Use the full name and the correct department and room number.

Outgoing Mail

All outgoing mail to be meter stamped must have a Wagner College return address including the sender's name and/or department.  This identification will be used to charge back postage usage to departments, as well as help return any mail sent back to the college.

Bulk Mailings (Save’s on Budgets!)

Mailings over 200 pieces should be sent out by bulk mailing; this constitutes a savings of more than half the first class postage. Files must be saved in excel CSV format and emailed to Mail pieces will be addressed and up to four inserts may be added to an envelope prior to mailing. Bulk mail pieces may not be personalized, for example, the letter should be addressed as ‘Dear Student.’ Questions on bulk mailings should be addressed Desiree, 718-420-4519, or at