Postal Center Policies

Lost or Damaged:

The College does not assume responsibility for lost or damaged items sent through the U.S. mail. Parents or relatives wishing to send money to students are encouraged to send the money in a form other than cash (e.g. a personal check). Please use a form of tracking when sending anything of value. SENDING CASH/GIFT CARDS  IN THE MAIL IS STRONGLY DISCOURAGED.

Leaving Campus

Leaving the college necessitates making the postal center aware of such a move. It is your responsibility to notify all correspondents, magazine subscriptions, etc. of your address change. The postal center will only forward mail for a period of 1 year. After a year all mail will be returned to sender as the standard procedure via US postal regulations.

If you are a student planning to study abroad for a semester, you must go through the Center for Intercultural Advancement (CICA) office to make mail arrangements with the Postal Center to have your mail forwarded for the duration of your time abroad.

Mail Fraud

Any person using the Wagner College Postal Center must adhere to all Federal laws and regulations governing domestic and international mail. It is the policy of the college to intervene in the delivery of items when mail fraud is suspected. Public Safety will be contacted when mail fraud is suspected.

Personal Mail

Personal mail is never to be charged to Wagner College