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The Office of Career Planning and Development is aimed at enhancing the career readiness of our students. We believe that a collaborative approach between faculty and our department can significantly impact the success of our students' professional journeys.

Here's a brief overview of the services we offer, and how your involvement can contribute to our students' growth:

  1. Classroom Visits and Workshops: We are available to conduct classroom visits and workshops tailored to your courses. These sessions can focus on various career-related topics, such as resume building, interview preparation, networking skills, and more. Our aim is to complement your curriculum and provide practical insights that align with classroom learning.
  2. Internship Support: Our department actively assists students in finding internships that align with their academic and career interests. We encourage you to inform us of any potential internship opportunities you come across. By collaborating, we can help students secure valuable experiential learning opportunities. Internship forms are located on the LibGuide website.
  3. Employer Follow-up: After students attend job fairs, recruitment events, or interviews, we provide support in following up with employers. We understand that timely communication is crucial, and our team can assist students in maintaining professional correspondence with potential employers.
  4. Alumni Connections: Our extensive alumni network can be a valuable resource for both students and faculty. If you're interested in inviting alumni as guest speakers, mentors, or industry panelists, we can facilitate these connections to enhance students' exposure to real-world experiences.
  5. Guest Speaker Search: Are you planning a lecture series, seminar, or industry-related event? Let us know, and we can assist in identifying and inviting guest speakers from various fields to share their insights and expertise with your students.
  6. Career Counseling and Advising: Our career services specialists provide personalized guidance to students, helping them explore career paths, set goals, and develop strategies for success. Collaborating with us can ensure students are well-informed about their options.
  7. Networking Events: Throughout the year, we organize networking events that bring together students, faculty, alumni, and industry professionals. These events are excellent opportunities for students to expand their networks and learn from professionals in their desired fields.
  8. Job Search Assistance: From resume and cover letter reviews to interview coaching, our team offers comprehensive support to students in their job search process. Faculty involvement in these areas can reinforce classroom teachings with practical application.

We believe that by working together, we can create a holistic educational experience that equips students with the skills, knowledge, and connections they need to excel in their careers. If you have any questions, suggestions, or ideas for collaboration, please don't hesitate to reach out to our department. We look forward to another successful year of empowering our students' futures.

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