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At the Career Connection, we believe in offering our students an education that is grounded in real-world experiences. We recognize the importance of bridging the gap between academia and industry, and to achieve this, we collaborate closely with our corporate partners. Our corporate partners bring invaluable real-world experience and insights to our students in both graduate and undergraduate classes. Through guest lectures, case studies, internships, and other collaborative initiatives, our students gain a deep understanding of the practical applications of business concepts and theories. This engagement with our corporate partners provides a unique opportunity for our students to gain exposure to various industries, learn about different business models, and understand the latest trends and best practices. By working closely with our corporate partners, we can ensure that our students are equipped with the knowledge, skills, and perspectives needed to thrive in the ever-evolving global marketplace.


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As a business, it’s crucial to have a strong team of talented and motivated individuals to achieve your organizational goals. Finding the right talent for your open positions can be a time-consuming and challenging process. Wagner College can provide top talent to help businesses fill their open positions quickly and efficiently. If you require the services of a competent business expert, be it a full-time employee or a skilled intern, Wagner College is an ideal place to look. Our students are renowned for their exceptional grasp of both general and specialized aspects of the industry, as well as their remarkable work ethic. Our diligent staff is committed to helping you locate the most suitable candidates for your job vacancies or internships. We employ a range of methods, such as career fairs, on-campus interviews, networking receptions, and targeted position postings, to achieve this. To begin, you can contact one of our staff members for a consultation or join us on Handshake, our online platform for job listings, internships, and career-related events.


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Wagner College is a not-for-profit organization, meaning all gifts and donations given to the college go directly to the Wagner Community. There are a few ways to give. Click this Alumni and Friends link to view ways to give.








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