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Jan. 3, 2016 — Associated Press Reporter Ivan Moreno spoke with Joshua Spivak for his news story about a law being considered by the Illinois legislature that would allow voters to recall Chicago’s mayor.


Jan. 23, 2015 — WNYC’s ‘Brian Lehrer Show’ The day after Preet Bharara charged New York State Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver with corruption, New York public radio host Brian Lehrer sought insight into Silver’s arrest from former New York State Senator Seymour Lachman, founder and dean emeritus of Wagner College’s Hugh L. Carey Institute for Government Reform.

Feb. 15, 2015 — Buffalo News Buffalo News Washington bureau chief Jerry Zremski interviewed Seymour Lachman about Preet Bharara’s continuing investigation into Albany corruption.

March 3, 2015— Times Union Carey Institute founder and dean emeritus Seymour Lachman was quoted in a story, “ ‘Three Men’ Deaf to Calls for Change,” published in the daily newspaper of New York’s state capital, Albany, about the ongoing dysfunction in the New York State Legislature. 

March 4, 2015— KUOW-FM Prompted by a Republican rebellion against House Speaker John Boehner, University of Washington public radio station KUOW aired a 5-minute interview with Joshua Spivak on historic conflicts between House speakers and their own party caucuses. 

May 7, 2015 — Straits Times Joshua Spivak was one of the sources quoted in a short piece, “Five Reasons Why so Many Republicans are Running for U.S. President,” published in Singapore’s largest daily newspaper.

May 18, 2015 — The Nation Seymour Lachman was quoted in The Nation’s cover story, “Will Preet Bharara, New York’s Anti-Corruption Crusader, Run for Higher Office?” 

Nov. 2, 2015 — Education Week A news story about a school board recall election in Jefferson County, Colo., drew upon Joshua Spivak as an expert source. Spivak is one of the country’s leading experts on recall elections.

Nov. 4, 2015 — The Gazette (AP) A news story reported that several members of the Jefferson County, Colo. school board had been ousted in a recall election. Joshua Spivak was tapped as an expert for the story.

Dec. 29, 2015 — Washington Times Reporter David Sherfinski spoke with Joshua Spivak for his news story reviewing the year’s recall elections. 


Jan. 31, 2014 – Staten Island Advance  — “Civic Hero Who Flew Under the Radar” — Advance political editor Tom Wrobleski lauded the new biography by Seymour Lachman, “Mr. New York: Lew Rudin and his Love for the City.”

Feb. 12, 2014 – WNYW-TV — The hosts of the New York Fox affiliate’s morning program interviewed Bill Rudin about Seymour Lachman’s new biography of his father, the late Lew Rudin.

Feb. 12, 2014 – WNYW-TV (Fox) — The local Fox TV station aired an interview on its morning program, “Good Day N.Y.,: with real estate developer Bill Rudin about a book recently published by Wagner College Carey Institute Dean Seymour Lachman about Rudin’s father, “Mr. New York: Lew Rudin and His Love for the City.”

Feb. 15, 2014 – New York 1 — On New York 1’s “New York Times Closeup” program, Sam Roberts also interviewed Bill Rudin about Seymour Lachman’s new book.

March 21, 2014 – CUNY-TV — The “Eldridge & Co.” program on the City University of New York cable TV channel aired an interview by former NYC councilwoman Ronnie Eldridge with Seymour Lachman about his new biography of Lew Rudin.

April 2, 2014 – Commercial Property Executive  — A news story in this industry online newsletter described a seminar at Baruch College that focused on Seymour Lachman’s new biography of Lew Rudin.

April 17, 2014 – Staten Island Advance — Political editor Tom Wrobleski was following down a rumor in NYC political circles that a lawsuit against a former area politician was actually political payback for crossing N.Y. Senator Seymour Lachman, who is currently dean of Wagner College’s Hugh L. Carey Institute for Government Reform. (By the way: It wasn’t payback.)

Aug. 5, 2014 – Sentinel & Enterprise — The Fitchburg, Mass. daily newspaper sought out the expertise of Carey Institute Senior Fellow Joshua Spivak, a nationally recognized expert on recall elections, for a story on the drive to recall two local politicians.

Aug. 3, 2013 – San Diego Union Tribune — “Recalls easier said than done” — Joshua Spivak quoted

Aug. 6, 2013 – San Diego Tribune  — Roger Hedgecock interview with Joshua Spivak about San Diego mayoral recall (video)

Aug. 21, 2013 – — “Carl Wolfson Live” interviews Joshua Spivak (audio; ±13 minutes)

Sept. 9, 2013 – Denver Post  — “Morse, Giron’s fate up Tuesday: Some facts about recall elections” — op-ed taken from summary provided by Joshua Spivak

Sept. 11, 2013 – Associated Press  — “Colorado recalls show risk of supporting gun control” — Joshua Spivak quoted

Sept. 11, 2013 – Reuters — “Colorado Senate president ousted from office over gun law” — Joshua Spivak quoted

Sept. 11, 2013 – Wall Street Journal – Wall Street Journal — “Gun-Rights Supporters Score Big Win in Colorado Recalls” — Joshua Spivak quoted

Oct. 1, 2013 – Advance  — “Noted pollster Maurice Carroll will give lecture at Staten Island’s Wagner College on Wednesday”

Nov. 28, 2013 – New York Times  — “Official Quits in Backlash Over Colorado Gun Vote” — A news story quotes Joshua Spivak, an expert on recall elections.

Nov. 28, 2013 – Wall Street Journal — “Colorado Lawmaker Quits Over Gun Control” — Spivak quoted in a Journal story about the same incident.

Jan. 28, 2013 — City & State magazine invited Seymour Lachman, director of the Carey Institute, to comment for a story on “The 10 Greatest Governors” of New York State. Naturally, he picked Governor Carey.

April 24, 2013 — The Advance reported on the return visit to the Carey Institute of Joseph Salvo, chief demographer for the City of New York. Salvo laid out the patterns of foreign immigration to NYC, breaking out the differences between Staten Island and the other four boroughs. Watch a video of Salvo’s presentation, take a look at the figures from his Power Point slideshow, and read the Advance story in our online Newsroom.

May 8, 2013 — When New York Times political reporters Thomas Kaplan and Jesse McKinley put together a story about how the recent spate of corruption arrests in the New York State Senate would affect the blue:red balance of power, they naturally called upon former Seymour Lachman, a former state senator and founding director of Wagner’s Carey Institute for Government Reform, for an informed opinion.

May 28, 2013 — Associated Press — “Gun Control Colorado: Lawmakers Who Supported Strict New Gun Laws Facing Recall Bids” — Joshua Spivak quoted

June 3, 2013 — CBS News — “Pro-gun group attempting recall of Colorado state senate president” — Joshua Spivak quoted

June 3, 2013 — Denver Post — “Battle ahead as Colorado Democrat John Morse fights gun-based recall” — Joshua Spivak quoted

June 4, 2013 — Reuters — “Battle ahead as Colorado Democrat John Morse fights gun-based recall” — Joshua Spivak quoted

June 18, 2013 — The (Colo. Springs) Gazette — “State verifies signatures for recall, Morse files protest” — Joshua Spivak quoted

July 24, 2013 — The Atlantic — “The Time the Teacher’s Union Saved New York From Bankruptcy” — News story quotes from Carey bio by Seymour Lachman

July 26, 2013 – New York Times — “When New York teetered on the brink of bankruptcy” — Seymour Lachman quoted

May 31, 2013 – Associated Press  — “Group fails in bid to recall Arizona sheriff” — Joshua Spivak quoted

May 31, 2013 – Milwaukee Journal Sentinel — “Elections bill would make it harder to recall municipal and school officials” — Joshua Spivak quoted

July 31, 2013 – Christian Science Monitor — “As San Diego mayor heads for therapy, city faces big mess” — Joshua Spivak quoted

July 27, 2013 – Associated Press  — “Michigan law could lead to fewer recall elections” — Joshua Spivak quoted

April 9, 2012— “Detroit financial advisory board finds model in New York City, Washington DC” — Reporters writing a news story in the Huffington Post on Michigan’s fiscal takeover of the city of Detroit interviewed Seymour Lachman for perspective from Gov. Hugh Carey’s experience with the NYC fiscal crisis of the mid-1970s.

April 12, 2012— “Island untouched as Cuomo vetoes budget items” — Advance political editor Tom Wrobleski interviewed Seymour Lachman for his perspective on action taken by Gov. Andrew Cuomo to cut member items allocated to NYS Democratic senators, perceived by some as political punishment.

April 19, 2012— “Lachman lashes out against redistricting and the ‘Three Men in a Room’ ” — Will Bredderman, the “Brooklyn Daily” columnist for Courier Life, interviewed Seymour Lachman about his perspective on Gov. Cuomo’s compromise on the decennial legislative redistricting process in New York State following the 2010 U.S. census.

April 28, 2012— “Readers debate when to hold recall votes” — Joshua Spivak responded in an editorial letter, published in the New York Times Sunday Review, to an earlier guest editorial.

May 8, 2012— “Historic primary to set recall matchup” — LaCrosse (Wisc.) Tribune reporter Chris Hubbuch tapped Carey Institute Senior Fellow Joshua Spivak, a nationally recognized expert on recall elections, as a source for this story on Wisconsin’s gubernatorial recall.

May 19, 2012— “Wisconsin’s laws primed state for recall” — Joel Christopher of the Appleton (Wisc.) Post-Crescent recaps the gubernatorial recall election with a little help from our own Joshua Spivak.

May 30, 2012— “Recall fever: As Scott Walker fights to keep his post, recall elections spread across U.S.” — Ashley Portero used Joshua Spivak as one of her sources for this International Business Times story.

May 31, 2012— “Recall campaign approaches the finish line” — Milwaukee Public Radio’s Mitch Teich interviews Joshua Spivak on the Wisconsin gubernatorial recall.

June 4, 2012— “Recall targets Wis. Gov. Walker, reversal of union rights” — Judy Keen includes a quote from Joshua Spivak in this USA Today story.

June 4, 2012— “Wisconsin Recall Vote Becomes Microcosm of National Election” — Roll Call reporter Eliza Newlin Carney quotes Spivak on the potential impact the recall could have on the November presidential election.

June 5, 2012 –  In a special Wisconsin recall edition of “The Caucus,” the New York Times government and politics blog, Times Chicago bureau chief Monica Davey gave a parenthetic “shout out” to our own Joshua Spivak in answering a reader’s question: “For those who want to learn more about the peculiar world of recalls, Joshua Spivak, a senior fellow at the Hugh L. Carey Institute for Government Reform at Wagner College in Staten Island, N.Y., knows a ton about them and his writings on this are interesting.” She linked to Spivak’s blog.

June 5, 2012— In the course of live blogging for The Guardian, one of the U.K.’s leading dailies, Richard Adams also plugged Joshua Spivak: “There are politics wonks and then there is Joshua Spivak – who would win some sort of ‘wonk of the wonks’ award if one exists (and there should, any takers?). Spivak’s specialty is the recall election. His blog post contains everything you wanted to know about recall elections ever, the end. Where else would you learn that ‘a recall was approved against Arizona Governor Evan Meacham (Republican) in 1988, but Meacham was impeached and removed by the legislature on the day the signatures were verified’?”

June 5, 2012 — “Who’s getting recalled today?” — Meredith Jessup posted this story on The Blaze, an online news outlet, drawing substantially on Joshua Spivak’s extensive research on recall elections.

June 5, 2012 –  “Wisconsin’s recall election in context” — Joshua Spivak was interviewed for Minnesota Public Radio’s local Morning Edition broadcast by Cathy Wurzer.

 June 5, 2012 – “Think the Wisconsin recall is rare? It’s just one of 103 so far this year” — Liz Marlantes, writing for the Christian Science Monitor’s “D.C. Decoder” blog, draws on Joshua Spivak’s Recall Elections Blog for facts and historic perspective on the Wisconsin recall.

June 6, 2012— “Democrats’ control of Senate may be temporary: Power may shift again by November” — In a Milwaukee Journal Sentinel story published the day after the gubernatorial recall election, Jason Stein and Patrick Marley draw upon Spivak’s expertise in analyzing the vote’s impact.

Jan. 5, 2012 – USA Today —  Joshua Spivak was cited as an expert source in a  story on the drive to recall Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker.

Jan. 17, 2012 – WTMJ, Milwaukee — On the day signatures were turned in for the Wisconsin gubernatorial recall drive, WTMJ talk radio in Milwaukee interviewed Joshua Spivak on the percentage of signatures that would likely be declared invalid.

Jan. 17 & 18, 2012 – Multiple Sources  — As petition signatures were counted in the Wisconsin gubernatorial recall drive, several news outlets called upon Spivak for expert commentary, including the Associated Press, the Wisconsin Reporter and the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

Feb. 9, 2012— “El Paso Mayor Fighting Ouster Over Gay Rights Counts Legal Bills” — Bloomberg Businessweek’s David Mildenberg tapped Carey Institute Senior Fellow Joshua Spivak, a nationally recognized expert on recall elections, as a source for this news story.

Feb. 19, 2012— “Lax oversight, Albany culture blamed for stream of onetime legislators running afoul of law” — Gannett Newspapers Albany bureau chief Joseph Spector drew upon Carey Institute director Seymour Lachman’s book, “Three Men in a Room,” for perspective on what’s wrong with New York State government.

March 3, 2012— “Historic day: Wisconsin’s governor, lieutenant governor recalled” — Kirsten Adshead, writing for the Wisconsin Reporter, used Spivak as a source for her story on the Wisconsin gubernatorial recall drive.

March 7, 2012— “Wisconsin Assembly approves limiting recall reasons” — An Associated Press story uses Spivak as a source. 

March 30, 2012 – “GAB sets historic recall elections; GOP to field fake Dems” — Patrick Marley, writing for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, used Spivak as a source for this article on Wisconsin’s upcoming gubernatorial recall election.

March 30, 2012— “Low percentage of invalid recall signatures” — Joshua Spivak was interviewed on Milwaukee talk radio WTMJ-AM about the upcoming recall election.

March 31, 2012— “Milwaukee mayor throws hat in ring with upcoming recall election of governor” — Once again, the Journal Sentinel tapped Spivak as a source on the recall story.

Feb. 24, 2011—The Economist cited Professor Lachman in a news story on newly inaugurated New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo and the unions he will have to woo to win support for his first budget.

March 2011 — Joshua Spivak was in demand this month as an expert source for news stories about recall elections in Wisconsin and Florida:
March 12(Milwaukee Journal Sentinel), March 14(Christian Science Monitor),
March 14(Miami Herald) and
March 15(Associated Press).

April 11, 2011 – USA Today  — “Mayoral recall drives go viral,” by Haya El Nasser — This story on the numerous mayoral recall elections occurring throughout the country cites Joshua Spivak as an expert on recalls.

April 12, 2011 – McClatchy Newspapers  — “Mayors group fights back against recall elections,” by Lesley Clark — Joshua Spivak cited as an expert source on recalls.

April 13, 2011 – NPR’s “The Takeaway” — “Frustrated voters recall mayors online” — An interview with Joshua Spivak.

April 18, 2011 – NPR’s “Tell Me More” — Story on mayoral recalls (featuring Joshua Spivak, among others).

May 25, 2011 – Miami Herald  — “A costly way to get rid of politicians,” an editorial column by Fred Grimm on a Florida recall election that cites expert Joshua Spivak.

June 19, 2011 – New York Times  — “In Arizona, sponsor of immigration law now faces a recall,” by Mark Lacey — Cites Joshua Spivak as an expert source.

July 10, 2011 – Bloomberg News — “ ‘Madness Abounds’ as Fake Candidates Confuse Wisconsin Recalls,” by Tim Jones — Cites comments by Joshua Spivak.

Nov. 15, 2011 – WUWM Milwaukee  — “Gubernatorial Recall Effort Underway” — Joshua Spivak of Wagner College’s Hugh L. Carey Institute for Government Reform was featured in a 15-minute segment on “Lake Effect,” a public affairs program on Milwaukee public radio.

Nov. 15, 2011 – Milwaukee Journal Sentinel— “Walker recall effort kicks off” — Spivak was quoted as an expert source in this news article.

Nov. 15, 2011 – Associated Press  — “Recall effort against Wisconsin Gov. Walker begins” — another news article quoting Spivak.

Nov. 20, 2011 – WTVC TV (ABC, Chattanooga, Tenn.) — Story on the Chattanooga mayoral recall drive, which cited contextual data provided by Joshua Spivak.

Dec. 2, 2011 – NPR’s “It’s All Politics”— “Why Recall Elections Are So Difficult to Pull Off” — Reporter Corey Dade drew upon Joshua Spivak as a source for this story.

Dec. 17, 2011 – The Topeka (Kansas) Capital -Journal —  A news story on the effort to recall the Shawnee County treasurer drew upon Joshua Spivak as an expert source.

Jan. 19, 2010 – New York Post  — “Lachman Considers Race for 44th City Council District,” by Stephen Witt — Dr. Lachman is quoted saying, “I am seriously considering running and will probably make my final decision by next week.” More on this story below (Feb. 2, Feb. 7).

Feb. 2, 2010 – New York Jewish Week — “Race to Succeed Felder Heats Up,” by Adam Dickter — A second news source, quite different from the New York Post, says that Seymour Lachman has said that he is “leaning toward” running for an open City Council seat

Feb. 7, 2010 – Staten Island Advance Online  — “Strictly Political” blog by Tom Wrobleski — Seymour Lachman announces that he will not run for an open seat on the New York City Council

June 8, 2010 – Queens Examiner  — “Albany needs to be reformed,” by NYS Assembly candidate Steve Behar

June 8, 2010— An entry posted on the Gannett Newspapers’ “Politics on the Hudson” blog highlighted a measure introduced in the New York State Assembly aimed at eliminating 129 public authorities and agencies that lawmakers believe have outlived their usefulness. A study of New York public authorities by Wagner College’s Hugh L. Carey Institute for Government Reform was cited in explaining the significance of the measure.

Aug. 1, 2010 – New York Magazine  — The “Approval Matrix” feature for the week of Aug. 9 put Seymour Lachman’s new political biography of Hugh Carey in the upper right quadrant, labeling it both “highbrow” and “brilliant.”

Aug. 20, 2010 – N.Y. Daily News — “Where is today’s Hugh Carey?” by Robert Polner, co-author with Seymour Lachman of “The Man Who Saved New York,” on the leadership example of former Gov. Hugh Carey.

Sept. 8, 2010 – Newsday— “Cuomo (II) talks of Carey; Carey bio tells a tale of Cuomo (I)” by Dan Janison — Janison mused upon gubernatorial candidate Andrew Cuomo’s Labor Day op-ed essay in the N.Y. Daily News, in which Cuomo pledged to put into practice the lessons learned from former Gov. Hugh Carey as depicted in Wagner College Prof. Seymour Lachman’s new political biography of Carey, “The Man Who Saved New York.”

November 2010 — Four newspaper pieces — two in the New York Times, two in the Buffalo News — cited Prof. Lachman’s book in looking at New York State’s current fiscal condition: Nov. 1(New York Times), Nov. 3(New York Times), Nov. 17(Buffalo News) and Nov. 21(Buffalo News).

January 11, 2009 – Buffalo news — “Albany’s ills are killing upstate New York,” by Donn Esmonde

February 3, 2009 – WGRZ-TV News — “Former legislator writes tell-all about Albany’s dysfunction,” by Scott Brown

April 26, 2009 – Staten Island Advance  — “Dem moves confound Lanza,” by Tom Wrobleski

May 17, 2009 – Inland Valley Daily Bulletin (Ontario, Calif.) — “Apple Valley man working to recall Adams, governor,” by Mediha Fejzagic DiMartino

June 16, 2009 – Washington Post — “With Senate in dispute, N.Y. politics a ‘circus’: Party defections leave control uncertain,” by Keith B. Richburg

June 25, 2009 – Wall Street Journal — “Mayors targeted as economic pain fuels recall bids: Fierce battles take root in several cities where unemployment is high and problems abound — but ousters are still rare,” by Kris Maher

July 6, 2009— Los Angeles Times — “New York takes legislative gridlock to next level: Lights are turned off, lawmakers are locked out. Power plays in the state Senate have held up legislation. No resolution is in sight,” by Mark Z. Barabak and Richard Simon

July 7, 2009— WNED-TV (Buffalo NPR affiliate) — “Former senator calls for a change in Albany culture,” By Mark Leitner

November 5, 2009— Roll Call (Capitol Hill newspaper) — “New York remains GOP trouble spot,” by Josh Kurtz

December 9, 2009— Buffalo News — “ ‘Reform’ rings hollow as Capitol rogues’ gallery grows: Bruno’s felonies cast harsh light again on state’s political culture,” by Robert J. McCarthy

December 11, 2009— Floral Park Dispatch (Long Island) — “Deficit reduction, pension reform legislation passed during special senate session,” by columnist NYS Senator Craig Johnson

March 12, 2008 – Staten Island Advance — “Budget negotiations are held up by governor’s unsettled status,” by Tom Wrobleski

June 13, 2008 – Staten Island Advance — Lachman, Koch mark Carey Institute’s first anniversary (photo)

August 10, 2008 – Staten Island Advance  — “It’s bad, but not like the  ’70s: Gov. Paterson takes a cue from Hugh Carey’s playbook,” by Peter Spencer

September 19, 2008 – Staten Island Advance — “Albany coverage, or its lack, explained: Panel of journalists derides state government in Wagner College discussion,” by Phil Helsel

October 20, 2008 – N.Y.Daily News — “Watch out, Domenic Recchia, Lachman’s back,” by Elizabeth Benjamin

November 4, 2008 – Staten Island Advance — “The Pulpit and the Bully Pulpit,” by Leslie Palma-Simoncek

November 24, 2008— Pacifica Radio’s Hugh Hamilton broadcast a 30-minute interview on his WBAI “Talk Back!” program with Carey Institute fellow Adam Simms about the challenges posed to New York State by its public funding authorities. The Carey Institute just published a monograph by Simms, entitled “New York’s Secret Government: Public Authorities are Out of Control and Threatening the State’s Fiscal Health.”

October 2, 2007 – Staten Island Advance — “Reform in state Legislature to begin with ‘Project Sunlight’,” by Tom Wrobleski