Gov. Hugh L. Carey

Hugh Leo Carey (April 11, 1919 – August 7, 2011) was an American attorney, the 51st Governor of New York from 1975 to 1982, and a seven-term United States Representative (1961–1974).

Governor Carey was also the recipient of an honorary doctorate from Wagner College, given in 2007, the patron of Wagner College's Hugh L. Carey Institute for Government Reform, directed by Seymour P. Lachman, and the subject of Professor Lachman's most recent book, "The Man Who Saved New York: Hugh Carey and the Fiscal Crisis of 1975."

When Governor Carey passed away, Professor Lachman was called upon again and again to remind New Yorkers of what had made this man one of the Empire State's truly great statesmen.

"Not only did he save New York City from bankruptcy," Lachman wrote in an op-ed column for the Syracuse Post-Standard, "but the way in which he did it provided a powerful example for today’s government leaders. He brought together Republicans and Democrats, labor leaders and bankers, working people and business people to address a crisis facing all of them. He asked everyone to give up something, for the common good — but no one was asked to give more than their fair share."

Here are links to the 2011 news stories, editorials and video interviews to which Professor Lachman contributed as New York paid homage to the late Gov. Hugh L. Carey: