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Commencement 2019 is scheduled for Friday, May 10 at 9:30 a.m. on the Sutter Oval.

This year's commencement speaker will be President Richard Guarasci, who is retiring in June as Wagner College's longest-serving president. Also being honored at Commencement 2019 will be Dr. Carin Guarasci. The student speakers will be Kenya Z. Hyman of Ajax, Ontario, and Daniel S. Smith of Hauppauge, N.Y. Read more about the honorees and speakers in our Newsroom.

Watch a complete video of Commencement 2018, below:

Commencement 2018

Posted by Wagner College on Friday, May 11, 2018

Baccalaureate service

Thursday, May 9, 4 p.m. on the Sutter Oval.

Graduating students line up for the baccalaureate processional no later than 3:30 p.m. in the Spiro Sports Center’s Sutter Gymnasium.

The baccalaureate service will end by 5 p.m.


Friday, May 10, 9:30 a.m. on the Sutter Oval.

Graduating students line up for the commencement processional no later than 9 a.m. in the Spiro Sports Center’s Sutter Gymnasium.


A message from President Richard Guarasci:

Dear Graduate Candidate:

Friday, May 10, 2019 is a special day. You will graduate! After four (or more) years of being a college student, your accomplishment will be recognized; you will receive your baccalaureate degree and be welcomed into “the company of educated men and women.” At Wagner College, as at most U.S. colleges and universities, we celebrate this event in two ways: a baccalaureate service on Thursday, May 9, and then the commencement ceremony on Friday, May 10.

Baccalaureate is a Latin word for the bachelor’s degree; its literal meaning is bacca (berry) plus laureus (of laurel) — the kind of prize that ancient Olympians received for winning a track or field event. The name remains, although your prize is more valuable: a degree! For most of you, that degree represents a fair amount of hard work and sacrifice by many people: your parents and other members of your family, your teachers, probably some friends and, of course, yourself.

In thanksgiving, a baccalaureate service will be held on Thursday, May 9 at 4 p.m. on the Sutter Oval. (Students do not need to wear caps and gowns for this ceremony, but they should dress in business attire.) Graduation is a most appropriate occasion for thanksgiving.

The baccalaureate service will end by 5 p.m.

Please report to the Sutter Gymnasium of the Spiro Sports Center to line up for baccalaureate no later than 3:30 p.m. Students will line up inside of the building and proceed to the Sutter Oval for the baccalaureate processional. I'll be looking for you!