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Can’t make it to Commencement 2019? We will stream a live video webcast of the complete program on our Facebook page.

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On Friday, May 11, 2018, we awarded degrees to 689 candidates: 468 bachelor’s degrees, 212 master’s degrees, 8 doctorates and 1 post-graduate certification.

Below, watch a video of the complete Commencement 2018 program:


You can download the Staten Island Advance’s front-page, three-page Commencement 2018 story here.

On Friday, May 19, 2017 we awarded degrees to 651 candidates: 432 bachelor’s degrees, 206 master’s degrees, 11 doctorates and 2 post-graduate certifications.

Below, watch the commencement addresses delivered by President Richard Guarasci, Dr. Warren Procci ’68 H’17, Dr. Richard Negrin ’88 H’17, and student speakers Gabryel Oloapu ’17 and Dillon Quinn ’17:

You can view a complete recording of the live, streaming webcast of Commencement 2017.

Members of the Class of 2017 may order a professionally edited DVD of Commencement 2017.

You can download the Staten Island Advance’s two-page Commencement 2017 spread.

You might also enjoy this video of our complete baccalaureate service, including the extraordinary performance by graduating senior Michala Williams and the Wagner College Choir of the song, “I Know Where I’ve Been.”


Above is a video playlist of all the speakers from the 2016 commencement program. Hit the “play” button, and let it run, and you’ll hear all the inspiring addresses delivered on the Sutter Oval. Hit the “next” button, and advance to the next speaker. Here are all of the speakers, in order:

  1. President Richard Guarasci
  2. WWII Jewish partisan Romi Cohn
  3. Mott Hall Bridges Academy Principal Nadia Lopez ’98
  4. “Humans of New York” creator Brandon Stanton
  5. Student speakers Rosa Taylor & Kadijah Singleton

And below are separate videos of the bachelor’s and master’s degree recipients, with each graduate named and shown as they begin their march across the stage to receive their diplomas.

On Friday, May 22, 2015, Wagner College held its annual commencement program under a big-top tent on the Sutter Oval.

Here is the complete video of the program.

Beneath it, you will find:

  • A legend identifying the points within the video where various portions begin, with links to the texts of the main commencement addresses, and
  • The Staten Island Advance’s commencement story from Saturday’s paper


0:00:00 Procession

0:13:00 Faculty marshal opens commencement; graduate choral ensemble leads assembly in “America, the Beautiful”

0:16:25 Invocation by Chaplain Martin Malzahn

0:18:00 President Richard Guarasci’s commencement address [Transcript]

0:43:10 President Richard Guarasci begins the presentation of honorary degrees

0:43:35 Professor Walter Kaelber introduces Aletta Kipp ’65 Diamond

0:49:00 Address by Dr. Aletta Kipp ’65 Diamond H’15 [Transcript]

0:59:04 Professor Walter Kaelber introduces Port Richmond High School Principal Tim Gannon

1:04:43 Address by Dr. Timothy M. Gannon H’15 [Transcript]

1:14:26 Professor Walter Kaelber introduces Wes Moore

1:20:51 Keynote address by Dr. Westley Moore H’15 [Transcript]

1:38:00 Presentation of bachelor’s degrees

2:12:20 President Richard Guarasci introduces the student speakers

2:13:15 Student Government Association President JesseLyn Leston ’15

2:19:20 Address by Kerri Lee Alexander ’15 [Transcript]

2:28:18 Address by Heather Wolf ’15 [Transcript]

2:37:34 Presentation of master’s degrees

2:50:40 Wagner College Alumni Association President Beth Cruz inducts 2015 graduates into the Alumni Association

2:55:30 Turning tassels

2:28:30 Benediction by Chaplain Martin Malzahn

3:00:00 Graduate choral ensemble sings the Wagner College alma mater, “Beautiful Upon a Hill”

3:01:10 Recession

150223 Advance, Wagner College graduates 608 (a)

On Friday, May 23, 2014, Wagner College held its annual commencement exercise. Below, you will find video of the entire program, in six parts.

PART ONE — Faculty Marshall Robert Anderson opens commencement. Invocation by Bishop Robert Rimbo. Commencement address by President Richard Guarasci.

PART TWO — Reading of citation by Professor Walter Kaelber for honorees Pat & Marion Dugan, recipients of doctorates in humane letters, honoris causa. Address by Pat Dugan.

PART THREE — Reading of citation by Professor Walter Kaelber for keynote speaker Julian Bond, recipient of a doctorate in humane letters, honoris causa. Address by Julian Bond.

PART FOUR — Stage procession and awarding of degrees to baccalaureate candidates.

PART FIVE — Student addresses by Student Government Association President Andrew Burt and 2014 Spiro Scholar Ellen Huffman.

PART SIX — Stage procession and awarding of degrees to master’s candidates. Induction into the Alumni Association. Blessing by Bishop Robert Rimbo. Singing of the alma mater, “Beautiful Upon a Hill.” Recession.

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