Videos & Editing Access

Videos & Editing Access

Embedding Videos

We can now pull videos directly from our online video library and embed them on a webpage. After you click "Add Media," select "Brightcove," then find the video you want. Once you "insert video," it will appear as a shortcode, then as a video player once you publish the page. This functionality must be enabled on a site-by-site basis, so contact Jonathan Harkel if you need to embed customized videos or playlists and don't see "Brightcove" available.

Of course, you can still embed YouTube or Vimeo videos simply by pasting the video's URL on a line, but these Brightcove videos are branded with Wagner's colors and, well, just look more professional.


Google Analytics

We have used Google Analytics to track our site traffic for a long time, but now those analytics are more accessible to you as managers of subsites. If you go to the Dashboard, you'll see graphs and statistics. If you go to "All Pages" or "All Posts," you'll see statistics for each page or post. Use these numbers to help fine-tune your content and understand what information people are accessing. This is also enabled site-by-site, so if you don't see these statistics, please request access from Jonathan Harkel.

Page Analytics


That's all, folks! Thanks for your patience as we work out the bugs in our new site and continue to improve its functionality. Let us know if there are specifics things you'd like to see.