Logo Downloads

The Wagner College logo is the primary visual mark that represents the College. It is a wordmark, consisting solely of letterforms. It includes no other graphic elements.

The letterforms of the wordmark have been arranged in a specific manner and proportion. For that reason, it should always be reproduced from the appropriate artwork files. Do not attempt to re-create the logo by typesetting ‘Wagner College’ in any typeface.

  • Refer to the visual identity guidelines for full guidance on the proper use of the Wagner College logo.
  • If you need your departmental logo (a combination of the Wagner College logo with your unit name), contact Donna Sinagra.
  • Need the files in another format? Contact graphic designer Natalie Nguyen.
  • For questions about athletics marks, contact the assistant athletic director for external relations, Gregory Cusick.

Social media images using Wagner College marks, and templates for Microsoft Word and Powerpoint, are also available for download.

Download a PDF of the Visual Identity Guidelines

Primary Logo

Green Green   Large Logo JPG (Green)  Small Logo JPG (Green)  Gold Gold   Large Logo JPG (Gold)  Small Logo JPG (Gold)  Black Black   Large Logo JPG (Black)  Small Logo JPG (Black)  White White   Large Logo PNG (White)  Small Logo PNG (White)   

Logo & Tagline Lockup

Green and Gold Green and Gold   Large Tagline JPG (Green/Gold)  Small Tagline JPG (Green/Gold)  Gold and White Gold and White   Large Tagline PNG (Gold/White)  Small Tagline PNG (Gold/White)  Black Black   Large Tagline JPG (Black)  Small Tagline JPG (Black)