Primary Logo Guidelines

Wagner College logo green

The Wagner College logo is the primary visual mark that represents the College. It is a wordmark, consisting solely of letterforms. It includes no other graphic elements. The letterforms of the wordmark have been arranged in a specific manner and proportion. For that reason, it should always be reproduced from the appropriate artwork files. Do not attempt to recreate the logo by typesetting ‘Wagner College’ in any typeface.

The logo should be used on official public communications and materials. It may not be used by non-College entities to imply association or endorsement unless such use is approved.

Wagner College 2018 seal with 'Official Use Only' watermark over artworkNote: Official seal

Wagner College’s official seal is not a logo and should never be used as a promotional device. Its use is limited to official, formal occasions and documents from the Office of the President. Usage must be cleared by the Office of Communications and Marketing.

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Logo Usage Guidelines


  • Do not attempt to recreate the logo by typesetting ‘Wagner College’ in Bauer Bodoni or any other typeface.
  • Use the logo in full; do not separate ‘Wagner’ and ‘College’.
  • Do not use the logo in body copy.
  • The logo may be rotated 90° to accommodate certain uses, such as a binder spine. Otherwise, it should remain at 0° (horizontal) orientation.


Clear area

The minimum clear area for the logo is equal to the height of the small cap E. The top clear area is defined in relation to the small cap height and not that of the capital W and C. The left clear area is measured from the leftmost stroke of the W and not its serif. Minimum dimensions 11∕4″ is the minimum width required for reproducing the logo.

Illustration of clear space around Wagner College logo



Wagner green, Wagner gold, black, and white are the only approved colors for the primary logo.

Wagner College logo in green, gold, black, and white on a green background

  • Wagner College logo in gold on green and on black backgrounds When used on a background color, gold may only be used on one of the other identity colors or black.
  • White may be used in reverse on any background color as necessary, though identity colors are preferred.


Logo Variants and Derivatives

Wagner College logo stacked version

Stacked logo

The full, one-line logo is preferred and should be used in most applications. In limited cases where dimensions do not allow use of the full logo, such as on mugs, the stacked logo may be used instead. Approval from the Office of Communications and Marketing must be obtained.


W initial

W initial in green The W initial is derived from the primary logo and may be used online and in other contexts where the full logo is not appropriate.


  • Colors: Wagner green, Wagner gold, black, and white.
  • W superimposed over an image of the Sutter OvalWhen the image will be displayed at 85 px x 85 px or greater, the W may be knocked out of (superimposed in white over) a Wagner College-related photo.
  • The initial should not be used as a replacement for the logo if an application permits use of the full logo; in such cases, the initial should function as a supporting image.
    • Example: the W initial is used as part of the design of the lower third titles in a video. At the beginning or end of the video, the full Wagner College logo should appear.
    • Example: the W initial is used as a profile image on a Wagner College social media account. It does not make sense to use the primary logo elsewhere in this context.
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