The Office of Communications and Marketing creates new exterior signage to be consistent with the visual identity. Office door and desk sign styles may vary by department and building. Where there is no preexisting standard, a 4" x 6" design in a clear acrylic holder is available.

4" x 6" Office door signs should be ordered through Campus Operations, who will install the sign holder. The Office of Communications and Marketing will provide the customized sign insert.

For inquiries about signage, contact our project manager.

Example of an office door signOffice door sign

  • Name, title, and office or department are customized.
  • The 4" x 6" door sign design is printed on regular paper and inserted into a clear acrylic sign holder.
  • 3" x 5" signs are available for older sign holders.
  • Plastic Door signs should be ordered through Campus Operations.


Other signage

Example of an exterior campus sign Other interior and exterior signs may vary in design based on size and placement. New signage should follow the general guidelines below.

General guidelines for signage

  • Colors: Wagner green on white
  • Typography: Use primary typefaces; typically: Bauer Bodoni
  • Use the leaf motif and divider as space allows
  • Include the primary logo on external signage, as space allows.