Video Production Guidelines

Videos published on official Wagner College channels should be created with oversight by the Office of Communications and Marketing. Contact Jonathan Harkel regarding all video inquiries.

General style:

  • For promotional videos, keep the length to under three minutes, and grab the viewer’s attention in the first 
5–10 seconds.
  • Use one style for transitions throughout the video. 
A simple cut is preferred.


  • Primary typefaces from the visual identity (Bauer Bodoni; ITC Officina Sans or Serif) should be used if possible. For best legibility, ITC Officina Sans is preferred.


  • Colors for any design elements should be consistent with the visual identity:
    • Green: #004331
    • Gold: #AA8E3C

Lower thirds:

  • Lower third designs may vary based on the needs of the video, but should comply with overall visual identity guidelines.
    • When writing the name of a student or alumnus, include the year of graduation, e.g., Sammy Seahawk ’18.


  • The official logo should be featured in the video bumper/end card. Some color variations are available for download below.
  • Do not include a watermark on the video. The W initial will automatically be included on our YouTube channel.


Publishing specs:

  • HD video (minimum 1280 x 720; ideally 1920 x 1080 or higher with H.264 codec)
  • Please include a transcript with your video.


Video Bumpers Video Bumpers   Green logo on white  White logo on green  Gold logo on white  White logo on gold