Wagner College Theatre Logo

The WCT mark is a unique mark for the Wagner College Theatre and Speech Department to use in promoting its performances and other activities to the campus and community. It is designated for use on social media and marketing materials. It does not replace the current departmental logo for the Theatre and Speech Department, which is for use on all official and academic materials.

Refer to the Wagner College Theatre Logo Guide for more information on appropriate use of this mark. Consult the full Wagner College Visual Identity Guidelines for further information on creating materials consistent with the visual identity of the College.

WCT Logo Guide

WCT Primary Logo

WCT Logo — GreenWCT Logo — Green Large Logo JPG (Green) Small Logo JPG (Green) WCT Logo — BlackWCT Logo — Black Large Logo JPG (Black) Small Logo JPG (Black) WCT Logo — WhiteWCT Logo — White Large Logo PNG (White) Small Logo PNG (White)  

WCT Logo + Full Title Lockup

GreenGreen Large Title JPG (Green) Small Title JPG (Green) BlackBlack Large Title JPG (Black) Small Title JPG (Black) WhiteWhite Large Title PNG (White) Small Title PNG (White)