Photos & PDF files

Photos & PDF files

Photos add life and visual appeal to pages, and should be added wherever feasible. In your website Dashboard, you'll find a link to Wagner's photo database, and instructions for how to get professional photos of Wagner for your site. Feel free to take your own, or arrange a photoshoot with the Office of Communications and Marketing.

PDFs, on the other hand, can slow down your site and are clumsy to open on phones and mobile devices. Whenever possible, content should be added as a new web page, not a PDF.

Uploading any kind of file works in the same way:

Make sure your file name describes the content, so that it's easier to search for later. You must resize your photo to the desired size before you upload it. You should also save the photo at a lower quality. You can do this in Photoshop or Preview, but if you don’t have those programs, give Pixlr, an online photo editing tool, a try.
Photos typically should not be larger than 200 KB, and ideally 30 KB or smaller. If you upload a huge photo file, it will slow your site down, and who wants to wait around for a site to load?

Click on "Add Media" then just drag-and-drop your file from your computer to the website. You can also select the file from that window.
Once it uploads, the file is added to the Media Library. You can access this library any time, so you don't have to upload the same photo again and again. Add a title, alternate title, and caption (if you want it to appear below the photo).  Select how you want the image to align, what the link should be, and the size. You can change all of this later. For PDFs, the title will appear as your link; make sure to select "Media File" for link. Last, click "Insert into post."
If you need to change the size, alignment, link, or anything about your image, just click on the image and hit the photo icon.
That will take you to a screen where you can make those adjustments, then click "update."