Region capture 2Faculty and staff profiles and directory listings are centralized within the "profile" section of WordPress. This makes it possible for us to connect your profile with newsroom stories, the online employee directory, and different pages across departments. You are able to customize some of the information, but other sections are pulled from centralized Wagner databases:

Name & title: synced from Human Resource's data. If you notice errors in this data, please contact

Phone & email: synced from IT's data. Please contact for corrections.

Courses taught this semester: synced from Registrar's data. If you see missing or incorrect data, contact

Photo: synced from the Office of Communications and Marketing's photo database. Photos are not being updated at this time.

In the News: synced from the Wagner Newsroom and/or other website posts. Contact for any questions.

All other information, including office location, office hours, biography, etc, is the responsibility of you, the individual faculty or staff member. Some departments may have administrators update this for everyone, but that is up to the department chair.


How to Edit your Profile

Log in with your all-access pass. Click your name in the top right corner to access your profile. You can view your profile at (eg,

How to Add People to a Page (for editors)

Make sure you're logged into the site. Navigate to the profiles page and click "edit." In the "users" field, type in and select the person's name. You can drag and drop to rearrange the order.

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To add people to a news post, type their name into the "related people" field at the bottom of the post edit screen.