User Access Levels

User Access Levels

If you are the administrator of your site, you can give new users access to your site. Under "Users," click "Add Users."  For the username, use the first part of the person's email address. So for the address "," john.wagner is the username.

Important: All website users must have a Wagner College all-access username and password via our Office of Information Technology.

There are different levels of access you can assign to users:


  • User has full access to the site, and can publish new pages and posts, set options for the slideshow, add new users, edit the menu, activate plugins, etc.
  • Only the main manager should be the administrator.


  • User has nearly full access to the site, but cannot manage menus, add new users, activate plugins, or manage comments.
  • Wagner College employees who share web management responsibilities should be editors.


  • User can create and publish posts, create new pages, and add new forms or slideshows. User cannot publish new pages (must be submitted for review first), edit others' published pages or posts, or export form entries.
  • Faculty, staff and GAs who need occasional but limited access to the website should be authors.


  • User can create new posts, then submit them for review.
  • Faculty, staff, or students who only need to submit posts for news items should be contributors.


  • User cannot see anything in the dashboard.
  • Anyone who needs access to protected or members-only pages should be subscribers.


If you need a custom user role or want to customize any of the above roles on your site, please contact Jonathan Harkel (x4468).