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At Wagner College, offices and departments are responsible for maintaining their own websites. The guidance offered here can help web editors in your department create content and ensure your webpages are updated. By logging in below, you agree to abide by our website policies.

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Wagner College employees needing additional support to make website edits or other web-related requests can fill out this form and expect a response within three business days.

Website Tutorials

This guide is a resource for working on your webpages.

Post Image for Slideshows
We have a great plugin for photo slideshows called “TN3 Gallery.” When you log into the backend of your site, you should see “Slideshows” in the left column. Before you can add a slideshow onto a page, you need to create a new album. An “image” is a single photo, an “album” is a collection of […]
Post Image for Post Slider
The post slider is an optional feature that goes below the global navigation (About, Admissions & Aid, etc), and above your page title and site menu. The post slider draws its content from (surprise!) posts, not pages. The big photo is the "featured image," the gold text is the title, and the white text comes […]
Post Image for Widget Basics
A widget is a customizable block of content that fits into the right-hand column of our site. Here, #1 is the Custom Menu [advanced] widget, #2 is an RSS feed widget, and #3 is the image widget. Everything below the first widget is optional. Instructions Once you log into the backend of your site, you […]
Post Image for Shortcodes
A shortcode is a [bracketed] code that lets you do nifty things with very little effort. Shortcodes can create beautiful graphics or embed files that would normally require lots of complicated, ugly code in just one line. Shortcode = shortcut. Insert a shortcode via the "   Add Shortcode" button above your content editor. Fill in the relevant content, use […]
Post Image for User Access Levels
If you are the administrator of your site, you can give new users access to your site. Under "Users," click "Add Users."  For the username, use the first part of the person's email address. So for the address "," john.wagner is the username. There are different levels of access you can assign to users: Administrator User has […]
Post Image for Menus
Your site menu is the main navigational tool for visitors to your site. It's best to have no more than six main menu items, and then organize child pages under each one. Menu changes will be process by the Office of Communications and Marketing. Requests to simple changes should clearly identify the old URL, the new URL, […]
Post Image for Photos & PDF files
Uploading any kind of file works in the same way:
Post Image for Forms
It is relatively easy to add forms to any page, post, or widget on our site. You can set up notifications to receive an email when someone submits the form, and you can also export all entries as an Excel document.
Post Image for Posts: How to Create & Publish
The difference between a post and a page can be pretty confusing. Here's the breakdown: While a page can be assigned a parent item, a post is based on categories. Posts are more flexible than pages and can be pushed into different areas of your site. More on that below. You may be familiar with […]
Post Image for New web functions & updates
Photos As you probably know, our site is quite slow. Part of the problem is that we have a bunch of very large photos on the site that take a long time to download. If you upload a large image to your site, then resize it once it is on your page, the user will […]
Post Image for Videos & Editing Access
Embedding Videos We can now pull videos directly from our online video library and embed them on a webpage. After you click "Add Media," select "Brightcove," then find the video you want. Once you "insert video," it will appear as a shortcode, then as a video player once you publish the page. This functionality must […]
Post Image for Faculty Committee Minutes Tutorial
Here's a short and simple video tutorial on how to update faculty committee minutes. It's just about three minutes.
Post Image for Tables
Responsive Tables Up to now, tables did not work very well on our new site because they were not responsive, eg, they looked AWFUL on a mobile device. Now, you can now insert tables and they will resize beautifully on smaller screens. Tables must be used for data only, not to design or lay out your […]
Post Image for Voting Guidelines
Throughout the academic year, SGA and other Wagner groups hold elections for various offices and awards. Here are guidelines for how to secure the appropriate resources for electronic voting: 1. If the voting process will require laptops or other media to be set up for student use, make sure to reserve the appropriate resources through […]
Post Image for Campus Calendar
Our public campus calendar pulls events from our internal scheduling system. If your event is open to the wider campus community or the general public, follow these steps: 1. Log into with your all-access username and password. 2. Select admin/staff/faculty or registered student organization. 3. Check off "publish on" and fill out the category and […]
Post Image for Profiles
Faculty and staff profiles and directory listings are centralized within the "profile" section of WordPress. This makes it possible for us to connect your profile with newsroom stories, the online employee directory, and different pages across departments. You are able to customize some of the information, but other sections are pulled from centralized Wagner databases: Name […]