Mathematical Economics Major (B.S.) Joint Program with Math & Computer Science

Mathematical Economics is a major run jointly by the Departments of Economics and Math & Computer Science  Please see appropriate faculty in either department if you have questions about the program.

Use our Major Checklist Mathematical Economics for detailed requirements.

The interdisciplinary major in Mathematical Economics provides students with the requisite grounding in mathematics that allows students to appreciate and go deeper in pursuing modern economic analysis. Students who are interested in pursuing graduate study in Economics (at the M.A./M.S. level and, particularly, at the Ph.D. level) as well as considering a path towards law can benefit considerably from the training in abstract formulations of problem situations.

The rigorous training in mathematics and quantitative analysis makes it attractive to current generation of business recruiters (FANG) where such skills are indispensable. For students who have no immediate plans for graduate study, the major provides valuable transferable skills (both general and specific) that allow the students to differentiate themselves from other labor force participants.

Students may declare a major in Mathematical Economics in the Social Sciences Office, 211 Parker Hall. (For the 2020-2021 and 2021-2022 academic years, please complete an online declaration form by clicking on this link.)

16 units including the following required and elective courses:

Economics core requirements: EC 101, EC 102, EC 301, EC 302, EC 415

Mathematics core requirements: MA 108, MA 121, MA 122, MA 230, MA 232, MA 316.

Electives*: EC 332, EC 304, EC 412, MA 223, MA 233, MA 373. Internship**

*select 3 with guidance of advisor. Students need to take at least one course from each discipline.

**Can be used in lieu of one of the electives; subject to the approval of the advisor

Senior Learning Community: EC 420 and either EC 400 or MA 400


  • Students majoring in mathematical economics may not also major or minor in economics or mathematics.
  • Dr. Utteeyo Dasgupta, Economics
  • Dr. Mary Rose Leacy, Economics
  • Dr. Adrian Ionescu, Mathematics & Computer Science
  • Florin Pop, Mathematics & Computer Science
  • Zohreh Shahvar, Mathematics & Computer Science