M.S.Ed. Early Childhood/Students with Disabilities Education (Birth-Grade 2)

Early Childhood Education/Students with Disabilities Birth -2

Program Requirements

Summer B (9 credits)

ED 600 Curriculum Development and Strategies for Teaching
ED 608 Philosophical Foundations of Education
ED 654 Theory and Practice of Second Language Acquisition

Fall (9 credits)

ED 605 Dynamics of Human Relations
ED 615 Parent, Family and Community Cooperation and Collaboration
ED 618 Holistic Instruction: Aesthetic Education and Curriculum

Spring (13 credits)

ED 620 Advanced Curriculum Development and Instruction
ED 620L Advanced Curriculum Development and Instruction Lab
ED 621 Linguistic, Numerical and Artistic Symbols and Tools
ED 622 Learning Differences in the Inclusive Setting
ED 624 Action Research

Summer A (6 credits)

ED 694 Practicum in Early Childhood
ED 699 Action Research Project
ED 699L Action Research Project Lab

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