Admissions Requirements

In addition to the Division of Graduate Studies requirements, all graduate and certificate program candidates require a faculty interview and a 3.0 GPA for full acceptance in a program. In exceptional cases, conditional admission is granted, requiring the applicant to register as a non-degree student and meet performance standards in specified coursework. External candidates are required to provide 3 professional letters of recommendation for all programs; Wagner alumni are required to provide 2 letters.

Specific programs also have additional requirements, as noted below.

Application Procedures

Applicants must first apply to the Graduate Admissions office for entry into the College, although we are happy to have a pre-admissions advisement session with interested candidates.  After the application is complete, Graduate Admissions forwards the packet to the Department for review, and we schedule an interview with you.  Successful completion of the interview process results in a recommendation for admission, and the Graduate Admissions office sends an official offer of admission.  Candidates must accept the offer in order to be admitted and to register for courses and receive financial aid if it is awarded.

M.S.Ed., Childhood Education/Students with Disabilities (1-6)
M.S.Ed., Adolescent Education/Students with Disabilities (7-12)

Either upon entry through transcript analysis or by graduation through make-up coursework to be determined during admissions interviews, students seeking Childhood or Adolescent Education certification must have completed

  • 6 credit hours (consecutive) in a language other than English
  • Undergraduate-level liberal arts credits in English,  mathematics, science, social studies, computers, and the arts

    AND (whichever applies)

For Childhood Education/Students with Disabilities (1-6)

  • 36 semester hours of undergraduate-level credit in one of the program's 12 liberal arts and sciences disciplines (see Childhood Education for a complete list)

For Adolescent Education/Students with Disabilities (7-12)

  • The equivalent of an undergraduate major in the secondary content  area for which the student is applying (biology, chemistry, English, French, history, math, physics, or Spanish)