MS Ed: Adolescent Education/Special Education

Program Requirements

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Summer A – Introduction (9 credits)

ED 605        Dynamics of Human Relations – online
ED 559G     The Secondary Classroom in an Inclusive Setting – online
ED 600        Curriculum Development and Stratagies for Teaching – online

Summer B – Core (9 credits)

ED 562G     Content Area Reading and Writing – online
ED 601        Learning Environments  for Students with Exceptionalities
ED 654        Theory and Practice of Second Language Acquisition – online

Teacher Preparation Program Entry Process- Must complete in first fall or spring semester

Fall – Secondary Education Methods (9 credits)

ED 680      Inclusive Secondary Education Curriculum and Methods

and one of the following:

ED 668 Inclusive Secondary Methods: Mathematics
ED 669 Inclusive Secondary Methods: Science
ED 673 Inclusive Secondary Methods: Social Studies
ED 674 Inclusive Secondary Methods: Language Arts
ED 675 Inclusive Secondary Methods: Languages Other Than English

ED 647      Methods III: Students with Exceptionalities
ED 656      Classroom Management
ED 676      Clinical Internship

Student Teaching Entry Process – must be completed one semester prior to Student Teaching. ALL additional Certification Requirements must be completed prior to Student Teaching as well.

Spring – Clinical Practice (9 credits)

ED 560A     Student Teaching: Inclusive/Secondary Grades 7-9
ED 570A     Student Teaching: Inclusive/Secondary Grades 10-12
ED 604       School, Diversity & Society: Secondary Schools

       ED 607        Human Development: Adolescence through Adulthood

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