Accelerated Masters Program

Education Studies minors are eligible for a reduced-credit, reduced tuition graduate degree that can be completed in four terms, including one summer.  As undergraduates, students take courses that count towards their graduate degrees programs.  Not only do these courses reduce the time to finish a master's; they also reduce the cost of the degree by nearly $6000.  Wagner graduates also receive a 25% tuition discount on their graduate studies, providing significant cost savings for a master's degree.  As with all Wagner's initial licensure programs, students qualify for dual certification in both special and general education.  Considering the higher salaries teachers with masters degrees receive and the additional costs of seeking a second certificate in special education, the fifth year program option is a sound investment.

Students interested in pursuing the 33-credit M.S.Ed. in Childhood/Special Education (grades 1-6) should major in one of the 12 dual majors approved as part of the undergraduate Education program. Students wishing to pursue the 33-credit M.S.Ed. in Adolescent/Special Education (grades 7-12) should hold one of the following majors: biology, chemistry, English, history, mathematics, physics, French, or Spanish. In addition, they should seek advisement from the Education Department early in their undergraduate careers to ensure that their program of studies in their undergraduate major will meet the professional association standards for their particular fields. These standards can sometimes inform which elective classes in a major would ensure students meet secondary education content area standards over the course of their undergraduate degrees, helping avoid later requirements for additional content area study.

All students seeking New York State teaching licensure are required to meet state foreign language requirements. At Wagner, taking two consecutive semesters of a foreign language or taking Spanish for Teachers during the summer semester generally fulfills the requirement. Candidates are strongly urged to complete this requirement as part of their undergraduate program or during the summer intensive program before entering graduate work.