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Candidates in Wagner's initial teacher preparation programs receive qualifications for certifications in both general education and  students with disabilities for grades 1-6.  Principals say this dual license is highly desirable, so graduates find themselves at an advantage in the job market. In addition, teacher candidates pursue a "dual major" from among our twelve state-approved programs, providing them with deep disciplinary understandings that inform their teaching.

Coupled with this strong educational background, Wagner students graduate with a dual degree in one of twelve liberal arts majors: Art, English, French, History, Mathematics, Music, Natural Sciences, Philosophy, Psychology, Sociology/Anthropology, Spanish, or Theater.

In addition to the requirements for the dual majors (available below), graduates take the following Education coursework, in roughly the following order:


Foundations Block

First course: Prerequisite to all other courses

  • ED 326: Teaching & Learning for the Inclusive Setting
  • ED 326L: Teaching & Learning for the Inclusive Setting Lab


The next two courses must be taken together:

  • ED 312: Learning Environments for Students with Disabilities
  • ED 322: Instructional Technology in a Networked World (TC)


Methods Block

All Foundations of Education courses must be complete and student must have participated in the mandatory TPP Teacher Prep Day to enter classes in this portion of the program.  Students must hold a 3.0 GPA overall and in both dual majors to qualify for the assessment day. Course blocks may be taken in any order.

Multi-Subject Methods Block

ED 406: Inclusive Methods I: Social Studies, P.E. & Health
ED 414: Inclusive Methods II: Science, Math, Technology, and Arts
ED 411: Inclusive Methods III: Students with Exceptionalities

Literacy Methods Block

ED 425: Theories in Language Acquisition & Literary Development
ED 426: Language Acquisition and Literacy Development
ED 426L:Language Acquisition and Literacy Development Lab


Student Teaching Block

All Methods and Content of Education courses must be completed and students must have participated in the mandatory Student Teaching Teacher Preparation Day to enter classes in this portion of the program. Students must hold a 3.0 GPA overall and in both dual majors to qualify for the assessment day. All clinical practice courses are taken in the same semester, fall or spring, in the Senior year.

ED 550B: Student Teaching: Inclusive/Childhood Grades 1-3
ED 560B: Student Teaching: Inclusive/Childhood Grades 4-6
ED 580: School, Diversity & Society: Elementary Schools (D)

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(Undergraduate Childhood Education / students with disabilities (1 - 6)


Program Requirements for Dual Majors

*All students need to meet with an education and content area advisor. Content area advisors will discuss requirements specifically related to the content declared while education advisors will discuss education related content.

Dual Majors Undergraduate Programs leading to Childhood Education and Students with Disabilities 1-6 teacher certification.

Art/Childhood Education

English/Childhood Education

French/Childhood Education

History/Childhood Education

Mathematics/Childhood Education

Music/Childhood Education

Natural Sciences/Childhood Education

Philosophy/Childhood Education

Psychology/Childhood Education

Sociology/Childhood Education

Spanish/Childhood Education

Theatre/Childhood Education





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