Faculty and Staff

Katia Gonzalez

Professor/Chair, Education Department

718-420-4082 katia.gonzalez@wagner.edu Campus Hall 332

Expertise in culturally responsive pedagogy, intercultural communication, curriculum, special education, effective partnerships.

Vannessa Smith-Washington

Assistant Professor, Education Department

718-420-4070 v.smith-washington@wagner.edu Campus Hall, Rm. 325

Paul Gold

Clinical Professor, Education Department


Ann Gazzard

Professor Emeritus

agazzard@wagner.edu Campus Hall 3rd Floor

Expertise in critical & creative thinking, philosophical inquiry/discussion; emotional intelligence & child emotional development.

Jose Luis Diaz Jr.

Clinical Professor, Education Department

jose.diaz@wagner.edu Campus Hall, 320

Director of Bands
Music Ed. PreK-12 Program Advisor
Ed.D. University of St. Thomas
M.A. Wagner College
M.S. St. John's University

Adjunct Faculty


Louis Bruschi

Adjunct Faculty, Education Department

louis.bruschi@wagner.edu Campus Hall Room 228

An educator in classrooms that span from Pre-K to graduate level courses and ten years of applied learning and experience as a leader.

Paul Martuccio

Adjunct Faculty, Education Department


Dolores Reig

Adjunct Faculty, Education Department


Eman Metwally

Adjunct Faculty, Education Department


Jennifer Diaz

Adjunct Faculty, Education Department


Diana Golden

Adjunct Faculty, Education Department

diana.golden@wagner.edu Parker Hall 204



Maria Montaperto

Assessment Coord. & Adm., Education Department

718-390-3477 maria.montaperto@wagner.edu Campus Hall 329

Margaret Lattarulo

Academic Administrative Assistant, Education Department

m.lattarulo@wagner.edu Campus Hall- 3rd Floor- Room 334

Izabella Siek

Graduate Assistant, Education Department


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