Faculty and Staff

Jason Fitzgerald

Associate Professor, Education Department

718-420-4129 jason.fitzgerald@wagner.edu Campus Hall

Expertise in historical and civic thinking.

Rhoda Frumkin

Professor, Education Department

rhoda.frumkin@wagner.edu Campus Hall 320

Expertise in literacy and literacy acquisition for diverse learners, special education, service learning, and teacher preparation.

Ann Gazzard

Anticipated Professor Emeritus, Education Department

agazzard@wagner.edu Campus Hall 332

Expertise in critical & creative thinking, philosophical inquiry/discussion; emotional intelligence & child emotional development.

Dr. Katia Gonzalez

Professor, Education Department

katia.gonzalez@wagner.edu Campus Hall 319

Expertise in early childhood special education, culturally responsive practices, intellectual disabilities and autism.

Carin Guarasci

Director of New Educators at Wagner, Education

718-420-4486 carin.guarasci@wagner.edu Campus Hall 318

Directs the New Teacher Academy

Jennifer Lauria

Adjunct Faculty, Education Department

jlauria@wagner.edu Campus Hall 321

Expertise in childhood education, differentiation, educational technologies, teacher preparation and professional development for educators.

Vannessa Smith-Washington

Assistant Professor, Education Department

718-420-4070 v.smith-washington@wagner.edu

Adjunct Faculty


Louis Bruschi

Adjunct Faculty, Education Department


Libby Gershansky

Adjunct Faculty, Education Department

718-390-3464 libby.gershansky@wagner.edu

Paul Gold

Adjunct Faculty, Education Department


Virginia McLoughlin

Adjunct Faculty, Education Department




Maria Montaperto

Assessment Coord. & Adm., Education

maria.montaperto@wagner.edu Campus Hall 329

Suzanne D'Amato

Education Per Diem Assistant, Education

718-420-4423 suzanne.damato@wagner.edu Campus Hall 331

Graduate Assistants


Patricia Duffy
E-mail: education@wagner.edu





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