Application for Admission to Wagner College

Declaration/Change of Major for Dual Major in Education

  • May be submitted as early as second semester of the Freshman year, though candidates must hold a 3.0 GPA.  Declaring a dual major in education by the second semester of sophomore year is recommended for several reasons, including eligibility for scholarships and effective degree planning.

Declaration/Change of Minor in Education

  • May be submitted as early as second semester of the Freshman year, though candidates must hold a 3.0 GPA.  Declaring a major in education by the second semester of sophomore year is recommended to ensure effective degree planning.

Graduation Application Forms  (scroll to Graduation Applications, Undergraduate)

  • As with all programs, students must apply formally to graduate through the Registrar’s office.  Check with the Registrar for deadlines.

Application for Admission to Graduate Studies

  • Application processes to enter graduate programs include two distinct admissions processes.  Students must first complete all admissions paperwork, including sending official transcripts, before files are sent to the department for consideration.  After a program interview, recommendations for acceptance are forwarded back to Admissions.  Accepted students then receive letters from Admissions inviting them to accept their offer of admission.

Graduation Application

  • As with all programs, students must apply formally to graduate through the Registrar’s office.  Check with the Registrar for deadlines.

Education Department IRB Application

  • Use this document to guide your development of your IRB.

Master Thesis Manual 2020

  • The Thesis Manual provides an overview of the thesis process, including descriptions of your responsibilities as a graduate student in carrying out your project successfully.

Wagner Education IRB Project Status Form

  • Please complete this form to document completion of your project or to request an extension

The certification process is not automatic; the Department will need to recommend you for the programs for which you qualify, and then you will need to apply to the State to request those certificates be issued.  An overview of the process.

Recommendation Process: At the end of each semester, the Education Department recommends all graduates who have met requirements for certification.  You will be recommended for the certifications for which you qualify (see Wagner Program Codes) if you meet the following requirements:

  • Completion of all program requirements
  • Documented completion of all State required workshops
  • Met all grade point requirements, including nothing under a B in education courses
  • Registration in the New York State TEACH system (see sample TEACH Application Form)

After the program recommends you for certification, you may apply for your certificates whenever you would like.  The State system automatically checks these additional requirements when you apply for your certificate:

For certification questions, please contact our certification officer,
Ms. Maria Montaperto at

The State of New York maintains a comprehensive web-based information system about all certification issues and offers a help line for technical issues: 518-486-6041.  For other questions about certification, call 518-474-3901

The certification and reciprocity process from New York to other states is not automatic.  Go directly to the state website in which you are applying for a detailed summary of their teacher certification processes.  Please see the following links to the tri-state area Department of Education websites:

New Jersey



Regulations vary from state to state.

Included below are three videos to help foster candidate success in the edTPA process and ongoing learning.

Kodak Playtouch Video Camera and Tripod Tutorial

How to cut/edit video using MAC iMovie (focus on first 6 minutes of video)

How to cut/edit video using Microsoft Windows (focus on first 2 minutes of video)

Video Compression – MAC

Student Teaching Videotaping Permission Form

Student Teaching Videotaping Permission Form- Spanish

Click FAQs for quick answers to common questions.  If your question isn’t answered, please contact us.

As a service to our students and alumni, we email job opportunities through a list serve.  If you would like to be added to this email list, please email

As of November 1, 2022, the Education department will no longer use Moodle for workshops. Going forward, you will need to take the workshops through the suggested provided listed in the links below.  All workshops need to be completed the semester prior to student teaching. Please see curriculum plans online and speak with your advisor to ensure you’re on track. Once you’ve completed the workshops you should receive a certificate of completion. You are responsible for uploading the data to your TEACH account and Taskstream account.

Students must complete the following three workshops for educator certification in New York State.



If you have any questions, please email

Program Notes 2022-2023

Our ongoing collaborations with community partners continues to be a success.

We established a literacy lab partnership with a local public school- Supporting the training of teacher candidates and providing the school with the opportunity to have teacher candidates working closely with literacy coaches and educators/staff in 1-2-1 and small group instruction.

Chancellor Banks visited Wagner to be the main speaker at a Teacher Resilience Event spearheaded by research from Dr. Washington.

Curriculum mapping efforts continue to be underway to provide community leaders and faculty opportunities to engage in important discussions related to current needs, program practices, and innovation supported by evidence- based practices.


100 Principals from D31 are set to visit Wagner in 2024. The goal is to host and formalize a Principal Coffee Meeting once a semester to engage in discussions related to schools and university partnerships, leadership workshops, and gain additional information related to teacher candidates’ impact in the community as well as employment rates.

A chess championship, with over 150 middle schoolers, will take place at Wagner in 2024

Professional Experience forms (Field Observation and Student Teaching) are completed online in Taskstream by clicking on the ‘EVALUATION METHOD‘ section.

  • Field Observation forms: (Field and Time-sheet)
  • Student Teaching forms: (Student Teacher and Cooperating Teacher Information and Time-sheet)
  • Field Observations and Student Teaching forms require to be completed and submitted to Taskstreams


Link and Printable Introduction to Taskstream – Student Training

Link and Printable Introduction to Taskstream – Cooperating Teacher /Supervisor Training

Link and Printable Introduction to Taskstream – Clinical Student Teacher Training

Link and Printable Introduction to Taskstream – Faculty Training

Student Teacher and Cooperating Teacher Information Form – SAMPLE

Student Teacher Time-Sheet Form – SAMPLE

Field Observation Form: Section A and B – SAMPLE


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