CLCE 2015 Spring Semester Recap

CLCE 2015 Spring Semester Recap


  • Bonner Leadership Program Winter Training: Students from had a week-long training session to prepare them for the beginning of a new semester. The training included a retreat in New Jersey, a visit to The Bonner Foundation and several field trips to the boroughs to aid in framing the content for the sessions to come.
  • Sound of Port Richmond Winter-Spring Community Theater Classes: Free weekly theater class to the youth at Faber Park facilitated by  Charnae Alexander, President of the Sound of Port Richmond Community Theater group. These classes provided an opportunity to continue discussing and exploring the issues affecting the community that had begun in the summer through community theater and continued through March.
  • Port Richmond Partnership Leadership Academy Seminars: PRPLA students met on a weekly basis to deepen their academic and capacity-building skills.
  • Bonner Leadership Program Seminars began: Students from this program met on a weekly basis to reflect and discuss their experiences as leaders in the Wagner community and beyond.
  • Port Richmond Partnership Dinner: Lead Members met at Faber Park to discuss the community goals for the partnership and plans for collaboration
  • Bonner Leadership Program Seminars: Students from this program met on a weekly basis to reflect and discuss their experiences as leaders in the Wagner community and beyond.
  • Wagner College Raiders Center: On February 24, 2015 Port Richmond High School officially became a Community School with a ribbon cutting ceremony that celebrated its new status and the opening of three new in-school centers. The Wagner College Raiders Center is one of them,. The Center provides Port Richmond High School students access to a college experience embedded in their own high school and presents the goal of attending college as an attainable possibility.
  • Second Annual IMPACT Scholars Student Network Summit: The 2015 summit was held in the Manzulli Boardroom on March 21st from 10am -5pm, followed by a wine and cheese-networking reception sponsored by the Office of Alumni Relations. The summit provided the students with multiple opportunities to express their ideas and emotions in a safe and democratic environment, through group discussions and workshops. Professor Emeritus and founding IMPACT Scholar, Dr. Stephen Preskill closed the summit with a conversation about the importance of working to understand how your personal story connects with the larger community in which you live, work, and grow in.
  • Port Richmond Partnership Dinner: Lead Members met at Faber Park to continue the discussion on strategies to implement the partnership's goals.


  • Civic Engagement Recognition Week: From April 13 - 17, 2015, the Center for Leadership and Community Engagement celebrated the civically engaged work of faculty, students, alumni, staff and community partners at Wagner College with a series of events.
  • My Wagner Story Art and Narratives Exhibit  As part of the series of events for Civic Engagement Recognition Week, the exhibit opened to the public in the Union Gallery. The exhibition looked for the untold individual experiences of their interactions while at Wagner College, on and off campus and was generated by a call to reflect on what it means to be part of the Wagner community from a personal and unique perspective.
  • Lunch & Learn: Inclusive Spaces for Underrepresented Students:  Students engaged in an honest and engaging discussion moderated by Dr. Bernadette Ludwig about what it means to have inclusive spaces for underrepresented students on campus.
  • Civic Engagement Recognition Day Ceremony: The 6th Annual Civic Engagement Recognition Day program featured keynote speaker Dr. Timothy J. Eatman, co-director of Imagining America. During the ceremony campus and community leaders who work tirelessly to ensure the health and sustainability of our community partnership work were honored, including: George Pepio, staff member award recipient; Sarah Scott, faculty award recipient; and the Chemistry Department, departmental award recipient. the event was hosted by the Office of the President & the Center for Leadership & Community Engagement in Manzulli Boardroom.
  • Finding Your Civic Balance: Yoga & Active Reflection: As part of series of events for Civic Engagement Recognition Week, the CLCE hosted a yoga session facilitated by instructor Susan Ziegler at the Union Atrium; inviting the Wagner community to relieve some stress as they reflected on their community engagement.
  • Community Project Sign-Up and Daffodil Craft-Making: Students were invited to take part of a craft making activity that both promoted our commitment to supporting partners and their initiatives as well as encourage student engagement.
  • SIPCW’s Daffodil Festival: As part of an Active Design initiative, lead Port Richmond Partnership partner, Staten Island Partnership for Community Wellness hosted the first Daffodil Festival at Faber Park. Wagner College students volunteered at the event contributing to its success.


  • Cinco de Mayo Event: Wagner College students Birsena Ajvazovska and Kathryn Grieci continued the work at Los Potrillos Restaurant that began with their Freshman Learning Community class. In collaboration with Northfield Community LDC, a Cinco de Mayo Event was planned and coordinated to promote the restaurant and marking the end of phase two of the renovation project. Over 30 people where in attendance for the lunch.
  • PRHS Freshmen College visits: Over 250 freshmen high school students visited the college and received a college presentation.
  • Port Richmond Partnership Lunch: Lead Members met at Wagner College to celebrate the accomplishments of the partnership during the Spring semester and strategized for the fall.