Staff contacts

Arlette Cepeda

Director, Center for Leadership & Community Engagement

718-420-4485 Center for Leadership and Community Engagement, Union Building, Room 203

Alison Arant

Associate Professor/Chair, English Department Parker Hall 310, phone: 718-390-3370

I currently serve as Chair of the English Dept.

Ashley Olsen

Coordinator of Wagner College Raiders IS 51, Center for Leadership & Community Engagement

Shawn Lawson Jr.

Port Richmond Partnership Leadership Academy (PRPLA) Coordinator, Center for Leadership & Community Engagement CLCE Union 203

Dr. Bernadette Ludwig

Associate Professor/Chair, Sociology Department

718-390-3487 Parker Hall 210 (remote Fall 2020)

Sarah J. Scott

Professor, Visual Arts

718-420-4528 Main Hall 3rd floor, Union 4th floor

A specialist in Ancient Near Eastern Art History, Dr. Scott teaches a range of courses and serves as the Dean of Integrated Learning.


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