Port Richmond Partnership



The Port Richmond Partnership was first proposed by community leaders in 2008 as a way to augment Wagner’s highly successful Civic Innovations Program. A Memorandum of Understanding was signed in the Spring of 2009 officially establishing the Partnership. Based on an agreement between Wagner College and leading organizations and institutions in Port Richmond, the Partnership was designed to extend Wagner’s commitment to learning by doing and to rejuvenate an economically distressed community. Recently, Port Richmond has experienced a large growth in its immigrant population, especially from Mexico. This rapid influx has deeply influenced the social and economic fabric of Port Richmond and has created complex needs in the areas of health care, education, housing, and employment.

Over the past three years, the number of partnership organizations has doubled, and through regularly scheduled meetings, partners have worked together closely to tap into existing community assets by continuing to build significant, sustainable, and increasingly ambitious partnerships. To date, 30% of Wagner College undergraduate students have at least one community experience in which they work with and learn from the residents of Port Richmond. The Port Richmond Partnership offers the following opportunities:

  • Curricular and co-curricular based placements for Wagner College faculty, students, and staff
  • Professional development activities for area students, teachers, educational personnel, and organizational leaders
  • Cooperative programs to address school improvement, economic development, immigration reform, and health promotion efforts
  • Research, data collection and dissemination
  • Community-based inquiry projects in which Port Richmond and Wagner College community members work together to address the most pressing concerns facing the people of Port Richmond

Port Richmond 'Love Your Block' Cleanup Day