Wagner Cares


After Hurricane Sandy wreaked havoc in 2012, SGA President Gregory Balaes ’13, SGA VP of Community Service Kate Schaefer, and SAAC President Judy Betz, came together to establish what became known as Wagner Cares. Its focus is to encourage individuals to work together in their community service projects, with hopes of making a larger impact. Since then, Wagner Cares has become an integral part of the SGA community service division and the Wagner Plan. The logo was inspired by SGA VP of Finance Frank Gallinaro, showing a heart surrounded by hands holding up the Sandy-damaged Staten Island.


During the 2013-2014 year, Wagner Cares launched  a global initiative. The initiative was started by Gary Giordano, President of Wagner Cares. Wagner Cares began to work on expanding the organization beyond that of Hurricane Sandy advocacy work. Today in 2014, Wagner Cares added an entire new executive board, began to focus on social justice issues, expanded the idea of “Civic Engagement” and ultimately began to spread the name around the Wagner Community. The new logo was designed by Theresa Mustacchio , sophomore at Wagner College. The logo defines our new approach to the surrounding community and our idea of “Leading by example, Learning by doing”

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