Student Awards, Honors, and Research

Sigma Tau Delta

Sigma Tau Delta is the International English Honor Society. Sigma Tau  Delta's central purpose is to confer distinction upon students of the  English language and literature in undergraduate, graduate, and  professional studies. For more information, please contact

Boies Award

The Boies Award recognizes excellence in creative writing.  Submissions of poetry or short stories are solicited in the spring and judged by the English Department.  The winner receives $300 in addition to the laurels of the award itself.

Academics for Activism Scholarship Award

The Academics for Activism Graduate School Fund aids Wagner College English majors with senior standing applying to PhD programs in English and/or Women/Gender Studies whose scholarship has a focus on issues concerning women, gender and sexuality, and/or marginalized groups. In the event that no student majoring in English plans to apply to English and/or Women's/Gender Studies Ph.D. programs, the award can be given to a student applying to Law School as long as said student fits the other criteria of the scholarship.

In the words of the award's sponsor: “This scholarship is my way of being active in a community and supporting students who see the importance of incorporating activism into their scholarship, students who challenge the hierarchy established within the educational system. This challenge can come from community service or through their scholarly work. What is most important is that I see the applicant as a student who is not simply reaffirming the status quo in higher education.”

The amount of the award is $500. The deadline for applications October 20th. Please contact the department secretary if you would like to apply.

Honors Thesis (2013)

Senior English majors with whose GPA in the major is 3.5 or higher are eligible to earn departmental honors by writing a thesis.  Beginning in the spring of junior year, interested students should request a thesis advisor and design a topic.  Students work on their theses throughout their senior year and must successfully defend them before a board of 3 readers in the spring. For more details, see the English department's Academic Programs.