Career Event

Career Event

On Monday, November 14th, current students met Alumni and heard their stories about their careers and activities since graduating from Wagner. The alumni who shared their experiences are:

Barbara Bellesi ('99 English/Technical Theatre) currently Assistant Director in the Center for Academic and Career Engagement and a freelance writer

Ed Burke '80 (English), Deputy Borough President, Staten Island

Vera Chinese '06 (English), Editor of

Adam Hecht '06 (English/Philosophy minor), Vice President for Monetization at Operative

Arijeta Lajka '15 (English/Government), Columbia University Schoolof Journalism (master's program)

Andrew Minucci '09 (English/Journalism minor), Senior Accounts Manager, Likeable Media

Claire Regan '80, (Education/Art minor)Journalist, Professor and  adviser to The Wagnerian,

Emily Rekstis '14 (English/Journalism minor), Freelance Beauty and Lifestyle Editor

Tom Scarcella '15 (English/Journalism minor), Teaching Assistant, CSI/CUNY Start Program