Wagner College Alumni Publishes 2nd Poetic Memoir

Wagner College Alumni Publishes 2nd Poetic Memoir

Jonathan Pigno, a former English major and Wagner College alumnus (Class of 2010 and 2012 [graduate]) has published his second poetic memoir titled  My Own Written Winter.

Jonathan D. Pigno centers his new poetry collection on the beauty and power of the winter season. He examines the isolation the winter months can create but also the hope and passion that can bloom on the coldest of nights.

When Pigno thinks of winter, he doesn’t just think of a cold, frozen wasteland. Instead, he explores every facet of the season and both the despair and passion it can bring. At the same time, Pigno examines these own facets of his own life. With his poetry, he shows how contradictions can exist in a single moment. Winter isn’t just isolating; it can also be beautiful. There is potential in every frozen moment, and there is immense creative potential in even the darkest experiences.

Pigno also writes of all the emotions held in a single “Cup of Coffee,” his trials during a “Bad Couple of Weeks,” and the feeling of having “Proven Not Published.” Some of his most evocative pieces examine his identity as a writer and his all-consuming need to create.

As Pigno shows with his cheeky sense of humor and introspective attitude, he never gives in to the despair the frost can bring.